Python’s been in the game for a long time. Everything from recommendation systems to the software that runs self-driving vehicles has been developed using Python, one of today’s most widely used programming languages. According to the 2022 Developer Survey by StackOverflow, Python is among the most-wanted technologies and the most popular ones for beginners. In light of this, is it the right technology for software development? The truth is that it all depends, and with this article, you’ll know when you should decide to use Python. So let’s focus on the essentials of Python development!

Why is Python a great choice for product development in 2023?

Let’s get the basics out of the way before diving into the depths of Python’s capabilities. To help you get started with this technology, here are some of the most important things to know about this technology.

Python is a free and open-source, high-level programming language. It was designed to be both simple to read and highly effective. Created in 1991 by Guido van Rossum, a Dutch computer programmer, he chose the name based on Monty Python Flying Circus to honor the show’s creators, and nowadays, tutorials often feature gags from the show.

Python is also an interpretive programming language. This means that interpreted languages don’t require compilation. Almost every computer can execute Python code thanks to a tool known as an interpreter. Programmers may view the changes immediately after making them. Numerous frameworks and tools, such as Django and Flask, make it possible to create various web applications with Python.

Pros and cons of Python development in 2023

We can only get a clear picture of anything if we conduct an objective analysis. To ensure your next project is developed with the best possible tech stack, it’s also critical to weigh the upsides and downsides of Python use.

Python’s pros:

  • Perfect for products with a short time to market. It’s common for companies to seek an early advantage in the market by developing a solution to an actual problem. And as companies quickly spot a problem or opportunity, they can develop a workable solution. Python shines in this area. The ease of the language, many libraries, and the large community make it great for making products that need to be done quickly.
  • Web development frameworks are commonly used nowadays. A large variety of Python programming frameworks are available to make creating a web app even more manageable. Django is an excellent framework for building web apps, FastAPI for modern and high-performance API building, and Flask for solutions with lean functionality. And there are a lot more out there to pick from!
  • Ideally suited for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a profound impact on nearly every sector or market area. Experts and professional developers often regard Python development environment as the best for developing AI and ML solutions. In addition, it is favored in data science because of the broad variety of visualization tools and packages it offers.
  • Integration at the business level. Python’s capabilities and functions make it a popular choice for both startups and large corporations. You can utilize it in many ways because it’s simple to understand, readable, and well-organized. That’s why it’s an often choice for enterprise-level software development.
  • Open source software. There are no limits on how developers access, use, share, and alter the Python development environment because it is open-source. This has resulted in the development of a worldwide community of developers. Their contributions to Python’s future are likewise welcome.
  • The portability of Python 3. Aside from the fact that Python is an open-source application, it may be used on a number of different platforms without requiring you to modify the code. Changing the code to execute elsewhere in a high-level programming language can be time-consuming and stressful for the developer.

Python’s cons:

  • It might be slow. Python development allows for a faster time to market. However, the programming language as a whole is a bit sluggish. As an interpreted programming language, it makes use of a wide range of translation techniques. This makes it slower than Java, C, C++, and other languages.
  • Consumption of memory. Take into account the high memory consumption of Python. When applications are demanding, and many items are running in RAM, this could be a problem. Even while high memory consumption is often the result of a bad implementation and can be solved through refactoring, you should be on the lookout for this potential pitfall.
  • Unsuitable for the development of mobile apps. Python isn’t an official programming language for iOS or Android. Programming on the client-side is rare because Python was designed for server-side use and therefore is hardly ever used for the client-side. As a result, Python does not perform well when it comes to developing mobile applications. React Native, Flutter, Native, and others are strong contenders in the mobile app development field. Finding the right Python app developers is a difficult task in and of itself, as well.

What is Python used in?

The programming language’s growth is being shaped by the changing needs of businesses. Python in 2022 is making steady development. It has been put to good use in a wide range of fields and contexts, being used by companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft for a wide range of apps. A common use for Python is in web and mobile app development, which is regarded as an excellent option in the following areas:

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Due to the rise in popularity of data science and artificial intelligence (AI and ML), programming languages like Python have become even more popular in recent years. When it comes to AI-focused businesses, Python is the obvious choice. Repetitive operations and data processing are better handled by Python, which is ideal if you want to construct an artificial intelligence-based digital product. It may be used to develop a variety of AI systems that require a large amount of data. Using Python, developers will be able to deal with both organized and unstructured data, which is precisely what AI engineers need.

Web applications

Python has had a profound impact on web development, and every corporate software development company is aware of this. Companies should brace themselves for a significant increase in Python web development services this year despite their current dominance. There are several frameworks for Python development, making it easy for companies to create high-quality apps. It’s the most popular programming language for creating prototypes that help organizations get a head start. Python enables businesses to keep up with the times.

Cloud computing

Python will also be an excellent choice for cloud computing. Many cloud computing systems use it as part of their technological stack. AWS, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean all use Python to create and administer their cloud computing systems. Various services can benefit from the programming language’s dynamic characteristics. Python application development services are ideal for working with this data due to the increased emphasis on cloud data security. 


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Use Python to develop unique and advanced apps in 2023

Almost 30 years after its founding, Python is one of the fastest-growing technologies in use today. In addition, it’s regarded as being one of the most adaptable software development tools in the industry. Selecting the correct development business, employing cutting-edge technology, and adhering to a tested development method are all necessary. A professional Python software development company can handle a lot of things for you, including even the most complicated ones. With our knowledge of the Python development process, we can make a whole new product or improve an existing one. Feel free to check our recent projects for more information!