In an era where technology and healthcare are inextricably linked, the latest episode of our podcast series features a unique perspective on revolutionizing reproductive treatments. We delve into the world of HealthTech innovation with Marija Skujina, the CEO of Plan Your Baby, a people-first firm reshaping the fertility sector.

This episode, “How a People-First Startup Is Transforming HealthTech | Marija Skujina,” goes beyond the typical “tech” focus. It demonstrates how a combination of powerful technology and a genuinely compassionate, patient-centric approach is setting new standards in healthcare.

Fertility treatment often presents emotional and financial hurdles. Acknowledging this, Plan Your Baby harnesses the potential of telehealth to democratize access to fertility services, significantly alleviating the burdens on many families. In a compelling conversation with Marija, we delve into the innovative use of cutting-edge technologies such as time-lapse incubators and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance patient outcomes, underscore the significance of psychological support, and offer a glimpse into the promising future of fertility care, where technology and compassion harmonize.

Marija Skujina, an ESHRE Certified Senior Fertility Nurse Specialist and fertility industry leader, shares invaluable insights into how Plan Your Baby is more than just a clinic; it’s a beacon of hope for individuals and families navigating the complexities of conception worldwide. This episode is more than a discussion; it’s an opportunity to witness how Plan Your Baby is shaping a future where the journey to parenthood is met with more optimism, less anxiety, and more tremendous success. Join us as we delve into the story of a startup that has earned accolades and the trust of families across the globe.

Innovations Transforming Fertility Care

Plan Your Baby is leading the way in the dynamic field of fertility care by utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve patient outcomes and experiences. This episode of our podcast explores new concepts in treating infertility in depth. Artificial intelligence (AI) and time-lapse incubators are the backbone of Plan Your Baby’s technology arsenal. These tools are more than just conveniences; they increase the likelihood of successful pregnancies.

Embryology has made great strides forward with the advent of time-lapse incubators. To help choose the best embryos for transfer, these high-tech instruments track their progress in real time and collect crucial information. Decisions are supported by predictive analytics and patterns that are invisible to human sight, thanks to this technology and AI’s analytical prowess. Many couples can bring their dream of motherhood one step closer with the help of this technology, which dramatically increases the success rates of in vitro fertilization operations.

Beyond these advances, Plan Your Baby has an extensive ecosystem of technology. AI is essential for optimizing the timing of medicines and creating individualized treatment regimens. This individualized approach enhances fertility treatments’ effectiveness, guaranteeing that each patient’s journey is tailored to their specific needs and situations.

These technological advancements exemplify Plan Your Baby’s dedication to being ahead of the curve in HealthTech and revolutionizing fertility care. Plan Your Baby is at the forefront of a future when fertility treatment is more accessible, less stressful, and considerably more successful by emphasizing both the emotional and biological requirements of its patients. In this section, we see how compassion and technology work together to make parenthood more accessible, and we look forward to a time when every couple has a better chance of becoming parents.


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