Python programming language

Python – a high-level, general-purpose programming language with an extensive package of standard libraries; the main idea is the source code’s readability and clarity. Its syntax is characterized by transparency and conciseness.

ISO 13485

Python – a high-level, general-purpose programming language with an extensive package of standard libraries; the main idea is the source code’s readability and clarity. Its syntax is characterized by transparency and conciseness.
Python supports various programming paradigms: object-oriented, imperative, and to a lesser extent, functional. It has a fully dynamic type system and automatic memory management. Python has written frameworks like Django and a mini web application framework called Flask. Similar to other dynamic languages, it is often used as a scripting language. Python interpreters are available for many operating systems.

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Python development

The history of python development began in the early 90s. The name of this language does not come from an animal, as many people would think, but from a comedy series aired in cat 70 by BBC – “Monthy Python’s Flying Circus.”
Python programming realizes several paradigms at the same time but does not force one programming style. Python software development emphasizes distinguishing itself from Perl, even though Python is similar to Perl in many ways. The Python designers rejected the complex Perl syntax in favor of a more economical and, in their opinion, more readable development.


Django and Python Programming Language

Django is a free, open-source framework written in the well-known and relatively easy for developers Python, which draws inspiration from its predecessors, improving and repairing many of their shortcomings.
All frameworks must balance functions and give the programmer freedom. Django i’s a set of tools that makes website development faster and easier. Django provides many features, but it imposes a relatively rigid way of doing most things. On the other hand, Flask is low enough to give a lot of freedom, but the user has a lot to do. FastAPI is more similar to Flask, but it succeeds in achieving a more significant and healthier balance.


Django Web Development

When building a website, you often need the same things: user authentication (registration, login, logout), site management panel, forms, file transfer, etc.
Fortunately, some programmers have already noticed that all developers face the same problems and have created frameworks (Django is one of them) that provide us with ready-to-use components.
Frameworks exist to save you from balancing open doors and make the process of creating a new website easier.


Is Python used for web development?

On the server-side, Python can be used to build web applications. However, this language is not used in web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome. Therefore, projects can compile from Python to JavaScript.


Why Python development?

Python syntax is really simple and clear. This is mainly because a number of additional characters building the code structure were eliminated. In Python, indentations are more important than semicolons at the end of each line, and this makes the code look simply nice after writing – at a glance, it gives us a picture of what tasks a given program performs. And that makes the work very smooth.
Python is also very efficient. It perfectly copes with the processing of large amounts of data, making it perfect for working with Big Data. The massive amount of materials and continuously active community make the documentation very extensive and well written – not to mention a vast number of ready-made modules and libraries, such as PySide, PyQt, PyGTK, Django or Flask.

How to become a Python developer?

Although Python developers are today one of the most sought-after employees in the IT market, there is still a lot of competition for the most popular positions. To become a Python developer, it is necessary to learn the Python language. This, in turn, is possible in many different ways, as there are several courses on the market that provide knowledge at different levels. As in the case of other languages, it is a good idea for beginners to contact a mentor who will lead the learning process in the right direction, as well as to get to know the available and constantly expanding literature on the subject or find a perfect a perfect tutorial.

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