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A crowdfunding platform, that empowers individuals with benefits previously beyond their reach through LUCA coins

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Lucrosus Capital is the first decentralized venture capital fund that empowers individual investors with unique investment possibilities. By issuing its own LUCA coin, Lucrosus Capital allowed investors to acquire tokens of promising projects at lower prices than the market average offering significantly higher returns. The system allows the LUCA tokens for public sale, storing of user data, and the number of tokens they have purchased. The token appears only in the created virtual base, outside the blockchain (in the initial phase). In the next phase, the system was expanded with the payment of due tokens to the wallet address provided by the user (blockchain).

The goal of the Lucrosus Capital was to develop an MVP that consisted of a dedicated web and mobile application that would allow its users to acquire LUCA tokens and participate in the governance of the fund.

The challenge

The task of our team was to service the case holistically and develop the web applications powered by the backend delivered by the client. The main challenge here was to integrate the existing solution with the blockchain infrastructure which was the core of the product. It enabled the acquisition of coins and governance of the decisions that drive the fund.

According to our client’s vision, the product design was expected to maintain a high level of clarity and intuitiveness. Especially due to the fact that it’s a financial product, its priority goal was to give a high sense of trust. Additionally, it needed to fit in with the specific design of blockchain-based products. However, the most challenging part of the cooperation was meeting the sharp deadlines with deliverables. Knowing that a week in the blockchain ecosystem is like a month in the normal world, we made every effort to adapt our actions to this dynamic pace.

At the request of our client, we introduced an attractive referral program for the users of the platform. By generating a dedicated referral program and sharing it with friends, the customer receives profits in LUCA tokens or/and ETH. What is more, the most loyal business partners of Lucrosus are appreciated by the Staking Program – locking $LUCA tokens into a specific protocol allows users to multiply the amount of their $LUCA. Long-term investments give users even more rewards such as boosting their allocation size, voting power, and much more. The product involves also a voting platform for users.

Another segment of the platform that we created was the Shared Allocation Program. This solution enables the selection of the appropriate allocation for the investor based on the number of tokens and notifications. By holding LUCA coins, users can acquire trusted tokens of the most appealing crypto projects.

Anna, Project Manager at applover
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We strongly believe that Lucrosus Capital will empower many individual investors thanks to their brand-new platform and thereby contribute to the evolution of the dynamically expanding technology which is a blockchain!

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Project Manager at Applover


Development time

Technological solution

The Lucrosus Gallery part is built on WordPress. This section of the website offers easy access to genuine art. By taking advantage of tokenization as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) ordinary assets (like artwork in this case) are converted into digital tokens on the blockchain. Each NFT has a unique identification code that distinguishes it from other NFTs and prevents replication.

However, the real revolution in this project turned out to be blockchain solutions, which bind security provided by advanced cryptographic methods and decentralization that guarantees greater community influence on key decisions. Introducing them was possible thanks to our team of blockchain experts.

Thanks to the system, E2E users connected to the platform are allowed to create and login into a dedicated user account, which is very user-friendly and intuitive. In order to take care of the security, we implemented a 2FA verification code procedure. The logged-in user is also privileged to monitor and check the account status based on the user wallet functionality. Thanks to the appropriate technological solutions we’ve chosen, users are able to buy tokens with the selected payment gateway: AdvCash, CoinbaseCommerce and NOWpayments.

The system has also been expanded with new functionalities very attractive to the target users interested in the Blockchain field. In order to implement blockchain integration, we built an ERC20 token contract on the BSC network and prepared a copy of the contract on the ETH network. In addition, our client asked us to construct a bridge allowing the user to freely transfer tokens between networks (the Binance network is superior). For the sake of transaction security, the platform’s participation in the bridge process is minimal. The product required the integration of  KYC and Securitance systems. Our scope of work in this project included the publication of contacts in the public network and then integration with the Lucrosus Capital platform.

Back-end was developed mainly on the client’s side, but our Senior Backend Developer supported the project with the usage of Ruby on Rails technology. In the front, we adopted such frameworks as React, Redux, and Next.js in order to meet the client’s requirements.

Our dedicated team played a huge part in creating the Lucrosus product that meets the highest international standards as well as in developing an MVP that will help them scale their business.

Technological solution

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lucrosus capital case study

The Outcome

Despite the fact that the project is still going on in the Time & Material pricing model, the product works smoothly now with its refreshed design and a crowdfunding platform developed by us. A professional MVP we’ve worked out will enable our client to scale the product.

The best measure of a project’s success is the counter of sold tokens and the return on investment. You can follow these results up-to-date on the Lucrosus Capital Home Page. The project’s development plans don’t stop there. In the future, the client intends to create an educational platform introducing the world of blockchain and also a mobile app based on Flutter technology.

We strongly believe that Lucrosus Capital will empower many individual investors thanks to their brand-new platform and thereby contribute to the evolution of the dynamically expanding technology which is a blockchain!

Meet our team!

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Case studies

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Piotr BarbachowskiCEO & Founder, Lucrosus
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I liked that they were always honest about everything - the offer, pricing, and time estimation. The team was highly responsive and reacted dynamically to the market needs. I find it really impressive how many experts are on the team, their technical knowledge and experience are stunning.

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