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Culture Book 2022 - get it today!

When we hire someone new, people often say that we have a unique atmosphere. But it's always been difficult to describe it. To change that and to define the unnamed, we've come up with this Culture Book. It catches the essence of Applover and our organizational culture. Since 2016, we've grown from a small group of technology enthusiasts to over a hundred top tech experts that like working with each other and are proud to call each other friends. We don't just make software, but we also make our history. We'd like you to learn more about us as well! We've collected in one place what's important to us – the culture. You’ll find here what our core values are, what motivates us, what initiatives we take part in, but also how we work, what we work on, or what we do after work. :) We don't want this to be another corpo-text because we aren't one. That’s what we value a lot. Come and meet us any time! Get the Culture Book today!
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