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Have an incredible idea for a healthcare digital product or want to digitize your medical company to grow your business even more? With our expertise, you can be sure that your product will be developed professionally within the estimated time and budget.



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Your medical software idea is just one step from reality

Many of us have come to expect that the medical field will continue to make steps forward. But we tend to overlook the role that technology plays in these achievements. Health technologies (HealthTech) are used on such a wide scale that the potential for advancement in digital health application development is limitless.

We’ll bring your vision to life, no matter the project size, whether it’s web, mobile or desktop app and the complexity of your healthcare ecosystem. We understand that growing your business is challenging. We’ve been here, and we’ve got you covered.

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HealthTech Services

Comprehensive healthcare software services tailored to your needs. Various types of medical software we offer to improve healthcare experiences around the globe.

Custom healthcare software development

We offer a wide range of digital product development services, including custom hospital software development from scratch, prototyping, and add-on development. Our top tech experts give equal attention to software usability and compliance with industry and security standards (including ISO13485 certification). You can also count on our healthcare IT consulting services.

Healthcare Integration Solutions

We optimize the healthcare organization's workflows and develop a highly efficient and unified healthcare business with ready-made solutions through their APIs by following industry standards: ERPs, healthcare insurance databases, HRM software, or any other system. Our team will help you integrate any third-party integrations and in-house solutions into one ecosystem and improve data flow and processes within your organization.

Healthcare Cloud Solutions

Our skilled team builds complex cloud-based custom healthcare software products leveraging deep domain expertise in cloud-driven healthcare software development, including migration of existing software systems to the cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and others.

Medical big data and analytics

We build custom systems to capture data, process it, and give it back in an easy-to-understand and use interface. Data analysis and insights discovery help to provide better care and improve the business processes and financial outcomes of your healthcare services.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR) - Let patients access digital medical records that are kept in real-time and are based on the needs of the patient.
  • Custom Telemedicine Software Solutions - Help doctors and patients communicate remotely through video calls and real-time messaging.
  • Healthcare CRM - Improves patient interactions, communication, and performance reports with management software in the healthcare industry.
  • mHealth App Development - Allows access to information about health as easily as within other aspects of our lives – like on smartphones.
  • Patient Engagement Solutions - Enhance health outcomes through the data analysis of vitals from the patients' wearable devices, IoT sensors, and others.
  • IoT Healthcare Software - Monitor your patients' vital signs with the help of intelligent sensors and interconnected devices.
  • AI and ML development - Take advantage of AI-based technologies to simplify processes and manage patient information.
  • HealthTech Minimum Viable Products - Reduce expenses by validating your product idea first and iterating the healthcare application of your dreams.
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Our expertise

We believe in sharing knowledge and experiences. Our experts have provided their insights on developing HealthTech digital products and outsourcing in this industry. Learn about them from our podcast.

Our expertise

We believe in sharing knowledge and experiences. Our experts have provided their insights on developing HealthTech digital products and outsourcing in this industry. Learn about them from our podcast.

Check out our HealthTech podcast Keep IT Healthy

HealthTech Features

Implement the most established solutions into your digital health product.


Digital transformation

  • Electronic prescribing
  • Patient portals
  • Personal telemedicine

Custom solutions

  • Human-centered design
  • Cross-platform support
  • Scalable architecture


  • GDPR/HIPAA compliance
  • Confidential user data storage
  • Two-Factor Authentication


  • Token apps and NFTs
  • Secure data transferring
  • Medical supply chain management

Voice-Enabled Solutions

  • Speech recognition
  • Voice-based management
  • Digital voice assistants


  • Monitoring user's parameters like steps
  • Converting healthy habits into points
  • Achieving rewards and climbing rankings

Mobile Applications for Healthcare professionals

We develop medical software applications for doctors, healthcare and medical staff, and patients, and transfer the existing experience to a mobile environment. Our team is experienced in native Android and iOS mobile development, as well as in cross-platform mHealth solutions in Flutter and React Native.

Mobile Apps for Healthcare Professionals

  • Clinical collaboration software
  • Healthcare CRMS
  • Mobile patient monitoring platform
  • Patient rounding applications

Mobile Apps for Patients

  • Chronic condition self-management
  • Calorie counters applications
  • Fitness applications
  • Medical reminders & pill trackers
  • Remote diagnostics


Healthcare Solutions Case studies

As one of the top healthcare software development companies, we are proud to create various products (from healthcare apps and AI-based software for medical devices, through telemedicine software, to medical software solutions) and helped many businesses to grow. See the custom healthcare solutions we developed.

App for kids App for kids mobile

Daily activity app for kids

Health app that motivates and rewards kids for healthy behaviors such as walking.

Case study
steppie mobile app case study steppie mobile app case study


Insurance policy app that rewards users for healthy behaviors such as walking, running, and cycling.

Case study
ai-based healthtech app ai-based healthtech app

AI-based HealthTech App

An AI-based app that aims to bring patients relief from postoperative pain.

Case study

Top tech experts for your digital product development

Healthcare Services Team

Our team is proud to provide software development solutions for the healthcare industry. Applover development teams are built around key staff who have practice in HealthTech software development. 80% of our top tech experts are mid/senior developers with an average of 4+ years of experience. Our Business Analysts, Tech experts, along with industry consultants work together to help to promote the idea when the client understands the business goals but could not define business requirements. They get rid of half-baked concepts that will not satisfy end-users, and thus could not pay off. Our team is experienced in developing digital products accordingly to the highest standards such as ISO13485 certification, GDPR & HIPAA compliance. We work together on your product as partners, we care about your business’ success.


Our Approach

Applover’s approach & expertise in custom software development for healthcare. Healthcare project development should be preceded by an in-depth problem analysis from various angles. Before we start the software development project, we go through a process divided into parts:


Discovery call

We get to know each other and your business needs. Our aim is to understand what digital product we can help you with and what will be its main functionalities.

Ballpark estimation

We provide you with the estimation of the needed budget to develop your digital product and the timeline we need to make your idea a reality.


If the project requires the creation of unprecedented innovation, our team (Product Designers, IT Business Analysts, and Software Developers) will go through an appropriate analysis process in order to investigate the technical implementation of your idea. As a workshop’s outcome, we have an outline of the entire product, interactive mock-ups, and a functional specification.


After the workshops, we finalize and accept the specification and the wireframes. We now can fully understand the project assumptions. Once we close the formalities - agreements, and signatures, we move on to the project development. Then, the team participates in a series of introductory meetings, where the Project Manager, IT Business Analyst, and UX/UI Designer present the project’s vision to everyone involved. We go through the entire specification and clear any doubts.


It’s time for the design process, we already agreed on the mockups, so now we can create the final image of your healthcare digital product.


When we have the above elements ready, we can gather the entire development team and start preparing for development work. At this stage, supplementing the technical specification, planning the work by the team and PM and starting development are our priorities. The entire process is supervised by the QA team, which is responsible for quality. You will be informed about the progress in development at every stage. The first effects of work can be seen after a few weeks and you will get access to the platform in the test version + demo every iteration/sprint.


Here are just a few of things companies frequently ask about Healthcare Software Development Services.

Our healthcare software services process is customized to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients. We have expertise in developing medical software from electronic health records, telemedicine solutions, and CRMs, to mHealth apps, IoT, ERPs, and more. You can learn more about them here.

When it comes to HealthTech, most health technologies are designed for use by patients outside medical facilities. MedTech usually takes the form of gadgets and technologies used by medical professionals to improve patient care in healthcare facilities.

The difference between HealthTech and MedTech is thoroughly covered on our blog here

Yes. We provide comprehensive custom software development services, not only limited to prototyping and new product development. It’s more important than ever to use the healthcare system with cutting-edge technological solutions, and our development team works to exceed these expectations for any medical practice company and various HealthTech organizations.

The nature of any two projects is different from the others. Building a web or mobile app for healthcare without first understanding its objectives, target audience and functionalities is impossible. You need to make choices about the nature of the app, its intended users, and the problems this should attempt to address beforehand.

Read more on step-by-step custom healthcare software development here

Yes, we can! We can provide you with ISO13485-certified software development projects. Our team knows the guidelines and can develop a project accordingly.

Yes. Whether it’s the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the United States or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, our healthcare software developers are familiar with and adhere to all applicable laws and guidelines.

Technological advancements are being made every single day in services for healthcare institutions. To stay ahead of the competition and take advantage of emerging technology, it is essential to keep tabs on rising trends. To outline, here’s what’s shaping the healthcare providers in 2023:

  • AI and machine learning,
  • Blockchain,
  • Telemedicine,
  • Gamification,
  • IoT,
  • Big Data,
  • Cloud solutions,
  • On-demand healthcare services.

You can read more about trends in healthcare digitalization here

Yes. We developed complex healthcare mobile apps for both healthcare clients and patients. Our team has extensive experience developing software for healthcare organizations, both platform-specific apps (native Android and iOS) and cross-platform apps (Flutter and React Native). Check our case studies to see examples of mobile medical solutions we’ve built.

We developed various HealthTech custom software services for mobile apps – from typical applications for scheduling a doctor’s appointment through more advanced digital solutions to apps that enhance our well-being like a gamification app for children to stay active or an app to schedule your personal training. Our software engineers value the efficiency of healthcare IT solutions and we know medical data has to be secured properly, so we follow and adhere to all applicable laws and guidelines. Moreover, we have experience in launching such apps in various markets from the US, through Europe, to the UAE.

Start by telling us about your digital healthcare idea. Then we’ll send you a brief with a few questions to answer. This enables us to prepare a ballpark estimate for your project and provide you with the timeline proposition. Next, we’ll conduct workshops during which we’ll discover everything about your project, establish the most important functions and goals of your product, and prepare the final scope, specification, and mock-ups. Based on our findings, we’ll come up with a final estimate. When you’re satisfied with the workshop outcome, price, and timeline, we’re ready to sign a final agreement for the development of your compliant software. To get to know more about our custom development process, read our Process Book.

There are many – from improved Care Coordination, through better health management, to patient education. A custom healthcare software solution can have a far-reaching impact. It frees your healthcare staff to allow them to focus on patient care. However, it depends on your product and its aims. Innovative healthcare software is used for many purposes. In the long term, it allows healthcare organizations to outrun their competition and save money.

By choosing a popular healthcare software development agency, you can be sure that the IT team has experience in healthcare. That they know what quality software is, what type of software will help your product the most, and how to enable healthcare or electronic medical records to the best possible use while securing users’ data professionally and in line with HIPAA/GDPR compliance. Applover provides healthcare software development at the highest possible level because of our experiences and expertise.

Yes, of course! See our case studies. We’ve built solutions for healthcare companies such as Telemedi, Labplus, Steppie, iyoga, InnGen, KiloHealth, Spinetime, and many more. Our clients also share their reviews of our work on their healthcare software solutions on Clutch.

Yes, because of the continuing increase in this service, we offer software as a medical device solution. We also offer custom software for managing healthcare information and various solutions that streamline successful healthcare.

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