Insurance policy app that rewards users for healthy behaviors such as walking, running, and cycling.

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Insurance Fintech

Steppie is a start-up that uses the latest technologies and changes the rules of the game in offering life and health products. No more renewing contact with the customer only at the time of damage or an offer to extend the insurance policy. The end of the incomprehensible amount of the insurance premium and the lack of benefits for being in excellent health condition. Steppie’s mobile application whose mission is to provide benefits based on the represented lifestyle. It’s simple, if you are physically active, you have a healthy pulse, etc. – they appreciate it, guaranteeing you a wide range of financing and benefits. As enthusiasts of new technologies and medicine, the founders of Steppie believe that the model of building awareness of the impact of lifestyle on our health, using technological solutions and elements of gamification, can play a significant role in society. That is why they wanted to build a functional app for their users and came to us with their brilliant idea! Don’t take our word for its brilliance – Steppie was recently recognized as one of the top fintech startups in 2020 by Business Insider.

The challenge

The biggest challenge was to properly configure Google Fit application – it was a big problem for the application to count the steps properly. This was due to the fact that Google Fit is not configured well on their side when it comes to classifying specific activities and often makes mistakes there. In addition, the application is associated with the activity bonus point system and therefore it was crucial that these steps agree 1:1. Only thanks to it, users could gain extra discounts and other extras. Of such important things, it is also the appropriate integration of devices that transmit information to the app, e.g. about heart rate, because it was also not so obvious. The founders of Steppie wanted the app to be well integrated with Google Fit (Android) and Health Kit (iOS) apps. These are the most popular health and fitness app kits in the market and the Steppie App should work as their extension, not instead of them.


Development time

Technological Solution

We developed the app on Android and iOS and we integrated it with the 2 most popular health tracking mobile apps. For backend development, we used Ruby on Rails, Android and iOS apps were created in their native languages (Kotlin and Swift). What is the most important, besides the proper integration with other applications which track health parameters, was UI and UX design. It needed to be highly user-friendly because the Steppie app should work as an extension that users wanted to download and use frequently. That is why we introduced gamification – 4 levels of ranges for users which encourage them to stay healthy and benefit from what Steppie can offer to the most active. After downloading an app every user is a “Hobbyist”, after some time and gaining points, the user moves to higher ranges and can be a “Novice”, then “Specialist”, and “Master” accordingly. Application layout is easy to navigate, blue hues resonate well with promoting healthy habits. All in all, we are really proud of the work our UX/UI designer did for this product, and most importantly the client is highly satisfied with it too!

The outcome

There are many solutions related to physical activity and medical parameters, but none is related to prevention in the insurance and private health sector. Well, now there is – Steppie!

The new application uses a combination of technology and science to benefit both parties (Insurer and Customer) and it is the greatest uniqueness of Steppie’s solution. The customer gets an insurance policy together with a smart device such as a smartwatch or a mobile app, which allows them to feel the value of the service they have every day. Thanks to this, the customer receives not only a guarantee of protection in the event of damage but the 24/7 protection and self-care. Moreover, thanks to health recommendations and monitoring parameters every day, the insurer takes part in improving the client’s health with the use of gamification elements and rewards. A positive change in lifestyle contributes to the reduction of the probability of civilization diseases, which in terms of the insurer’s long-term business model reduces the costs of insurance activities. We are proud to participate in this process and we wish the greatest of success for the Steppie application!

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