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Every year more and more iOS apps appear on the market, without which it isn't easy to imagine everyday life.

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However, many of them still disappear from the App Store due to low performance and low interest from users. To avoid such a situation, application originators should focus on market research, the usability of an iOS app, and high-quality iPhone app development.


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Training made simple. Book your personal trainer anywhere anytime.

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LabPlus provides a simple way to schedule and pay for desired medical test in your home town.

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Insurance policy app that rewards users for healthy behaviors such as walking, running, and cycling.


iOS application – the most viable mobile app

It is hard not to notice that iOS development is becoming more and more popular every year. This is because App Store users, in contrast to people using other platforms, often decide to use paid applications. This can be proved by the fact that as much as a quarter of iOS apps in the App Store brings its originators a profit of $5,000 a month.


iPhone app development

To achieve such results, an appropriate approach to iOS app development is necessary. Mobile app development is when iPhone app developers, project managers, and designers take part. Only in such a configuration, with an in-depth analysis of the project assumptions, going through the workshop process, and a thorough understanding of the originators of mobile app development goals, does the project have a chance to succeed. iOS app development should be approached in the same way as web development, where founders of the websites treat it as their business showcase. The iPhone app development process should be treated with the same care.


How much does iOS app development cost?

Unfortunately, it is hard to find a unanimous answer to this question. The final cost of an application depends on the number and sophistication of functionalities implemented in the application or its logic. In the case of iPhone app development, the final amounts usually vary between 15,0000 and 20,000 euros. In case the founders of an app plan to publish it on more than one platform, the final cost will be increased.


App development companies

Many agencies offer their clients iOS app development. When choosing one of the best app development companies, it is worth noting a few important factors. These will include experience in implementing similar projects, reviews left by existing clients, and when remote cooperation is involved, information on how iPhone app developers deal with when direct meetings with the client and team are not possible. In starting a collaboration with a team that can pride itself on working with developers with impressive experience in a selected programming language, the probability of the project ending with expected success increases significantly.


App development services

Apart from the application coding itself, the app development also includes research on the market environment in which the future product is to be placed, learning about the goals and business assumptions of the project, the workshop process, UX and UI design of the application, and finally, the previously mentioned development. When choosing app development companies, just as in the case of selecting companies specializing in web development, it is worth noting whether the business partner we consider provides a reliable approach to each of these stages.


Trends in app development

Unquestionable trends in app development include:

  • transformation through AR and VR.
  • machine learning, 
  • cloud integration,
  • app security improvement,
  •  Internet of Things (IoT) integration.

Is iOS app development worth it?

In the business context, it is. It is the entrepreneurs who decide on iOS development that generate the highest revenues in the industry. iOS apps are widely popular worldwide and have a high user experience appreciated by a wide range of users.

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