For years the application market has been dominated by devices with two software systems – iOS and Android. Their market share is 99%. Nearly 75% of users choose Android software. In comparison, almost 25% are faithful to Apple software, which they find incredibly intuitive, simple to use, meeting their high requirements, and characterized by high aesthetic designs. Product owners, in turn, often wonder what the cost of creating this type of application is. What exactly does this rate consist of? What does its value depend on? And what is the process of its creation?

Why should you create an iOS mobile application?

There is no denying that the iOS system, competitive with Android, is gaining in popularity year after year. The Android market is also becoming more and more attractive to new developers. However, customers usually first choose to develop their products for the App Store platform. Why? From a business point of view, it seems to be much more profitable to decide on developing an application, which will once be finished deployed to the Appstore.

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Statistics indicate that 25% of the applications published on the Appstore platform bring their creators a profit of at least $5,000 / month. In contrast, only 16% of Google Play platform applications can demonstrate such results. The evidence for that is the fact that Apple device users are more willing to download paid applications. This does not mean that every application published on the App Store platform will become successful, though professional app development has a high influence on meeting expectations.

What needs to be taken into account for an iOS app cost?

The cost of application development is determined by the type and nature of its functionality that can be included in the application – directly impacting the application’s final cost. The list of features influencing the final price can consist of, e.g., push notifications, geolocation, in-app purchases, streaming, user login, offline mode, media content (such as emoticons), Google Maps integration, and instant messaging. Having a  list like this will be essential when discussing a project with any software house or agency you plan to entrust to create your product. Consider which of the functionalities are “must-have”  and which would you rate as “nice to have.” 

It’s crucial to think it over because you need to know that every functionality on your list will be reflected in the final bill. Therefore, it’s important to know without which them your application will still work as intended.

The iOS application development team

The final valuation of the application will be influenced not only by the experience of specialists who will take part in the development of the application but also by the number of team members.

The “Standard” composition of a team that deals with application development includes:

  • UX/UI designer,
  • QA (quality assurance) specialist, or a whole group of testers, depending on the application design,
  • iOS mobile app developer, or developers.

Such a software development team also includes a project manager, who organizes their work and is accountable for completed work stages. When you need an API developed for your project, also the Back-end developer will also be involved.

The bigger the team, the higher the cost. However, suppose you aim for a high-quality final product, which is also meant to be completed in a limited time. In that case, you have to consider that by choosing to work with a slightly smaller team, you will extend the time it will take to develop your iOS app.

What does the app design process look like?

Some people think that to create a project, you only need a graphic design, which will be transformed by the programmer into a finished product, that you can almost immediately share in the Appstore. Unfortunately, this process is a bit more complicated. However, you will undoubtedly find specialists who will ensure that a small number of specialists will soon finish the project with a small amount of work. Everything depends on its complexity. But if you want to be sure that your product will be as you dreamed it would be, you should focus on the complex design process.

The app development process for the iOS

The development of each application we create for our clients is based on a proven and structured process. Each iOS application project starts with a “brief” sent to the client. The brief is a document in which we place questions allowing us to get to know the initial assumptions of its originators’ project and expectations. Thanks to it, we can prepare a preliminary, noncommittal valuation. The next stage, related to iOS mobile app development, is the workshop phase. It consists of two workshop meetings. During such meetings, together with the client’s team, we confront the project requirements with technological possibilities. Thanks to this type of meeting, we are able to suggest the right solutions and justify why these are the most reasonable in the context of a specific iOS application. After this stage, we are ready to start working on application development.

More details about the Applover design process can be found in our Process Book here.

You’ve probably noticed that the clients are also involved in the iOS mobile application development process. This is extremely important because they are the project’s originators and have specific expectations for both functionality and business. Designers and developers need to get to know them and understand them well. Only in this way, they will be ready to deliver a project that will meet the customer’s expectations.

The cost of mobile development in Central and Eastern Europe

We are a company located in Central and Eastern Europe. We work with some of the best developers in the world. And thanks to our location, we can offer very competitive rates without losing the quality of work and that of the final product. The average labor rates of our developers range from 320 to 480 dollars per person day. Finally, this rate depends on the requirements and advancement of the project. To develop iOS applications we always select a team that has experience in similar projects, so we can deliver a project at the highest level. You can find our projects in the portfolio on Applover’s website.

We always build project teams based on the requirements of a specific project. We select the best specialists working both onsite in our office and remotely.

How much does it cost to develop an iOS app?

What budget should you consider when planning custom iOS mobile app development? Most of the applications we create are projects characterized by custom logic, so most of them are categorized as customized applications. If you plan to have your application prepared for more than one platform, the development cost will increase. However, if we are talking about iOS mobile app development, prices start at 30.000 – 35.000 Euro.

The rates mentioned above, however, vary depending on the functionalities you need to have in your project. That is why the process we’ve described in our Process Book is so important. Thanks to it, we are ready to give you a noncommittal initial valuation before the start of work. This way you can be sure that experienced specialists have evaluated your project, and its final cost will not come as a surprise to you.


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Each project is different. That is why we approach each of them in a unique way. Our clients expect a high-quality final product. Therefore, we offer them a proven and effective workshop process, which allows a professional approach to further developing the project and creates a valuation, which is equally crucial for our client.