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Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

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Flutter app development at applover
Flutter app development at applover

Flutter is a mobile app software development kit created for building applications that will work on almost all mobile devices, without developing applications in different programming languages with the participation of several developers. Therefore, creating an app in Flutter is much more effective.

Flutter – fresh framework from Google

Flutter is a Google technology that allows you to create applications for Android and iOS devices simultaneously. Flutter technology requires a programmer to know the Dart programming language, which will enable you to create an app that looks and behaves almost 100% identical on both systems. The Flutter system, despite its relatively short history, is already highly advanced technology and accelerates the creation of mobile solutions. From a business perspective, Flutter allows you to reduce costs associated with app development.

Case studies

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case study rtyst - applover


A social video application that helps aspiring artists build an engaged fanbase, collaborate and compete for fame.

cadi59, case study


Mobile and web application for golfers and club professionals.

How does Flutter development works?

Flutter app development consists of two essential elements: the framework required for the application to work and the SDK (software development kit) needed to create and build it. The Flutter app development is much more enjoyable than competing technologies for creating mobile applications on multiple platforms. As mentioned before, Flutter development requires the programmer to know the programming language Dart and other tactical frameworks.

flutter app development at applover

Why Flutter?

When it comes to the development of mobile applications, Flutter can significantly reduce development time and costs.

All with intuitive tools, improving state management and allowing to follow well-known architectures like MVI.

In conclusion, Flutter allows you to create mobile applications faster because of the possibility of developing iOS and Android apps at the same time. It’s happening while maintaining the final product’s high quality.

When to choose Flutter for mobile development?

Flutter is the perfect choice for mobile development projects that target both Android and iOS users. Thanks to Flutter, it is much easier to adapt one code to two operating systems, thus saving programmers’ time and money spent on project development.

flutter app development at applover

Why should companies consider cross-platform applications over native mobile apps?

The first reason is the much lower cost of mobile development. This type of development, designed with a single code base, can work on many operating systems. There’s also a possibility of using multiple plugins that can support cross-platform application development, which in turn makes the application development process faster, more comfortable, and the final product meets all the requirements.

Application development in Flutter also enables much faster testing of applications. A tester testing a new product does not have to do it for two different platforms. QA experts only need to check one version, so they spend much less time reviewing it.

Reusability of code

The cross-platform app development framework allows you to reuse the already used code. The specific system can be used on several platforms, 
so developers can save a lot of time that would be needed for the development of native apps.

Indeed, most companies present on the market, when creating their applications have two options for its implementation (Cross-platform and Native apps). In many cases, they don’t have enough funds to build Native Android and iOS apps separately. That is why companies often choose the languages of frameworks that allow them to create a cross-platform application and are satisfied with the results.

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