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Since its creation until today, WordPress has been systematically developed and updated, and the current form of WordPress in its functionality far exceeds the original version.

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WordPress is based on PHP. WordPress is a web application that meets all users’ needs wishing to operate their own website or blog thanks to its structure. Running your own WP website is free of charge, but you need to install plug-ins to develop it. The process of creating a professional website requires planning a WordPress project and involving people with the right skills – WordPress Developers.

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What is WordPress development?

Many people can use WordPress, even without being PHP experts. Since it’s an open-source CMS (content management system), anyone with some necessary internet skills can use WordPress to build websites. However, to create a professional, personalized platform based on a plug-in system, you will need a developer. A WordPress developer (also a PHP developer) is someone who knows the core of WordPress. WordPress development means developing themes and plug-ins that work with the platform.


Who is a WordPress developer?

With WordPress development, you needed people with the right technical skills. It is good that a person in this position would be a web developer and a WordPress expert. WordPress developer knows the functions and features of WordPress. But also can write custom themes for WordPress and edit existing ones. Developers can write plug-ins, apart from writing them, know the best ones. An important aspect, which is also pointed out by the developers, is improving the site’s performance. The risk of performance deterioration resulting from implementing the site on your own in WordPress is high. It is worth passing this activity into the hands of professional programmers with experience.


Why outsource WordPress development?

The most popular problem you face when designing a custom WordPress theme for your business website is whether you should employ an in-house WordPress development team and do it on your own (if you are an experienced WordPress developer) or simply go Outsourcing entirely. No matter how convenient and cost-effective it seems at first to keep the job in-house, it inevitably results in an incredibly frustrating, mind-boggling, and grueling experience. Is WordPress development worth it? If you have ever tried your hands to code a web page in the past, you must already know how energy and time-consuming the process is. Given these facts, you ultimately have only one option left, and that is Outsourcing.


Where to find WordPress experts?

If you want to bet on WordPress development, you have to find a suitable WordPress development agency. Such companies provide development services and support and specialize in web development, especially in WordPress development. People employed in a WordPress development company focus on matching your company’s business needs to the website. Experts know the tools for your site. (e.g., Webmaster tools), a senior WordPress developer even contributes to the WordPress codex.

WordPress Woocommerce

The extremely popular WordPress is also often used for e-commerce projects. Thanks to CMS, WordPress can be transformed into an online store with the help of a free WooCommerce plug-in, which has many possibilities. If we also use plug-in additions, we can create a fully functional website and start selling online. Like WordPress, WooCommerce is open source software free and can be freely modified with numerous extensions. Built-in WooCommerce features and additional plug-ins allow you to position your store more effectively.

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