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czysta3 x applover case study
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Website for Venture Capital

Czysta3.vc is a venture capital fund which raised millions for various startups and helps businesses scale up. They wanted to create a unique website for their niche which could stand out but also present their core values and strategy. They have invested in various companies, including ours. That is why we were happy that they trust us enough to allow us to develop their new website. It was a great opportunity to work with Czysta3.vc in different scope so they could see how we operate with our clients and get a beautiful and functional website from us.

The challenge

Czysta3.vc gave us a task to bring their new website to life. They wanted it to be different from other similar websites. So they ask us to design various animated elements so the user could be more engaged with the content. Our aim was to make it also as user-friendly and responsive as possible. That is why the UX and UI of the product were so crucial. We decided that animations need to reflect the client’s values and manifesto so it is consistent with the content planned for the website. Our objective was to select solutions for the effective development of it. After we sat down with the client and discussed their vision of the project, we were ready to outline and schedule the creation of the final product.


Development time

Technological solution

To develop the website we created our own custom theme for WordPress. We used WordPress as CMS because it’s widely known and a very popular feature, so everyone can easily manage the content on the website, including texts, portfolio, contact details, and SEO-related content.

As every WordPress theme, it is developed with PHP, HTML and JS, but this time we used SCSS connection and BEM methodology. We use this combination for most of our front-end projects as it allows us to achieve higher readability and makes the maintenance easier.

Moreover, we optimized every video in terms of page performance and its page speed, which is so crucial especially for mobile versions. Our UX/UI designer took care of the emotional and visual design. Choosing blue, grey and black was the best choice as it’s consistent with the brand’s identity and symbolizes trust, elegance as well as high quality. These colors together we found to be a perfect match for a venture capital website.

The outcome

That is how we’ve developed the website for Czysta3.vc. The whole communication process with the client went really smoothly. We have started our cooperation with workshops, so we could establish the client’s needs correctly and assess all the tasks. Later on, we communicated on Slack when needed and consulted the most important aspects of the project. Our Project Manager, Michał made sure that every aspect of the product is accordant with the technology, client’s needs and user preferences. Our skilled crew released the product with success and within the deadlines, we agreed upon. It took us 130 hours with a team of 3 and we were satisfied with the result. What’s more, so was the client! Czysta3.vc can now promote itself with its new beautiful and functional website!

Meet our team!

jarek front end


Front-end Developer

Michał Kukuł, Project Manager at Applover


Head of Delivery

julia ux/ui designer at applover


UX / UI Designer

bartek łuczak qa specialist at applover


QA Specialist

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