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Whether you’re planning to integrate DevOps methodologies into your business or aiming to enhance your current software delivery process, you can count on our expertise. e are dedicated to elevating your DevOps journey, ensuring that each project aligns with the highest industry standards and meets your specific needs regarding quality, efficiency, and dependability.



ISO 13485

Empowering your digital transformation journey

DevOps is a transformative approach combining software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to significantly enhance the speed, quality, and reliability of software delivery. It encourages a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, enabling teams to respond swiftly to market changes.

By integrating development and operations, DevOps accelerates deployment cycles, reduces risk, and improves product quality, providing a seamless and efficient workflow. Such an approach not only streamlines your software development lifecycle but also aligns closely with business objectives, making it an essential strategy for any forward-thinking organization.

We believe in a harmonious integration where continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automated deployment are core principles that drive our strategies. This seamless integration ensures that your software is always ready for the market, aligning perfectly with the pace of your business growth.

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Comprehensive DevOps solutions

Developing DevOps solutions is about deploying software and creating a sustainable ecosystem. At Applover, our DevOps expertise is a fusion of innovation, efficiency, and the pursuit of excellence.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
Cloud Infrastructure Management
Automation and Orchestration
Monitoring and Performance Optimization
Security and Compliance

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

We implement CI/CD pipelines, ensuring your software development and deployment are seamless, efficient, and error-free. It enables your teams to focus on innovation rather than deployment difficulties.


Cloud Infrastructure Management

Our development and operations teams extend to managing complex cloud infrastructures. Whether it’s AWS, GCP, or private clouds, we provide solutions that optimize your cloud operations, enhancing scalability and security.

Automation and Orchestration

We leverage cutting-edge tools and practices to automate repetitive tasks and orchestrate complex workflows. It makes sure that your operations are not just fast but also reliably consistent.

Monitoring and Performance Optimization

Constant monitoring and proactive performance optimization are critical to our DevOps strategy. We confirm that your systems are always running at peak efficiency, identifying and resolving potential issues before they impact your business.

Security and Compliance

Because security cannot be an afterthought in these times, we integrate security practices into the DevOps lifecycle, securing your applications from the ground up.

Why choose Applover for DevOps?

Award-Winning Excellence

Our journey is marked by significant recognitions such as the inclusion in the “FT 1000” by Financial Times and being named the Rising Star in the Deloitte Fast 50 Tech. We have grown to a team of nearly 140 top tech experts, delivering over 220 projects globally. This experience across various sectors equips us with unique insights and an adaptive approach to DevOps challenges.

Recognized Expertise, Proven Results

We understand that each business has unique needs. That’s why we customize our strategies to align with your specific goals, providing solutions that truly resonate with your business requirements. Our proficiency spans a wide array of technologies, from Flutter and React to Python and Ruby on Rails. Such versatility allows us to develop DevOps solutions that are effective and aligned with the latest technological advancements.

Quality and Security at the Forefront

Being ISO 13485 certified isn’t just a badge for us; it’s a promise – especially if you’re in the healthcare devices and software field. This commitment means we deliver nothing but the top tier. And in a world of ever-evolving digital threats, we’ve got your back, ensuring your applications are fortified and compliant.

More Than Just Service – A Partnership

We believe in building relationships, not just delivering services. Our team works closely with you, adopting a partnership approach to understand and address your unique challenges, turning them into opportunities for growth and innovation. We strive to educate and empower our clients, sharing insights and best practices in DevOps and standing by you as a knowledgeable guide in your digital transformation journey.

Our approach to DevOps at Applover

At Applover, our DevOps philosophy is centered on bespoke infrastructure that provides a seamless start and sustained development support.

Our approach to infrastructure setup is precise and efficient, focusing on server and data storage configuration – critical elements in any development project. We specialize in managing these resources through Infrastructure as Code (IaC), using Terraform for its robustness in codifying infrastructure. This ensures consistency and streamlined control. Our expertise extends across cloud services, such as AWS S3, utilizing tools like Ansible to automate and ensure repeatability in server environment configuration.

The core of our DevOps services lies in fine-tuning CI/CD pipelines. We accelerate the development cycle by implementing GitLab CI/CD, enabling more efficient code delivery. Additionally, our GitOps automation aligns the workflow with our Gitflow, ensuring a fast and organized development process.

We set up comprehensive monitoring systems to provide data that helps detect and avoid production errors. Tools like Grafana, Prometheus, or Sentry are integral to our monitoring stack, enabling us to identify and resolve issues quickly and spot patterns that could lead to future problems preemptively.

As projects evolve, so do their requirements. We offer custom pricing for adjusting the infrastructure in response to emerging needs, such as load balancing with HAProxy or database scaling. Our DevOps team efficiently handles regular maintenance, including infrastructure updates, privilege management, and tool setup, establishing smooth ongoing operations.

As we transition to production, we focus on comprehensive infrastructure preparation. This includes ensuring that all elements, from server configurations to backup systems, are fine-tuned for production demands. We implement advanced solutions such as IPSec tunneling and UFW to address project-specific needs, tailoring the infrastructure for optimal performance and security. Our meticulous approach guarantees a robust and reliable setup tailored to the unique requirements of each project.

Our deployment strategy, rooted in GitOps, provides a seamless and rapid transition. Implementing thorough testing and validation processes within our CI/CD pipelines minimizes deployment risks. Our GitFlow protocol maintains a disciplined deployment cycle, safeguarding the production environment and enabling seamless integration of new features.

DevOps and security standards

Advanced Access Control and Security
Secure SSH server access using keys and two-factor authentication options such as Yubikey (U2F) or Google Authenticator (TOTP), providing extra security.
Rigorous IP whitelist/blacklist management and Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) configuration for precise access control.
Proactive Vulnerability Management
Automated tools for detecting vulnerabilities, including SQL injection.
Regular, automated software security updates.
Secure Data Transmission and Credential Management
Enforced HTTPS for all data transmission with SSL/TLS certificates.
Secure credential storage and sharing using tools like Passbolt.
Comprehensive Monitoring for Risk Management
Application and infrastructure monitoring with Hetzner, Sentry, and Grafana.
AWS alerts for financial oversight and unexpected cost increase notifications.
Data Safety and Backup Strategies
Daily database backups with an adjustable lifecycle strategy.
Mandatory multi-factor authentication (MFA) for accessing infrastructure services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about DevOps solutions

Bridging the gap between development and operations seamlessly

Our DevOps services are characterized by comprehensive technical expertise, a deep understanding of various industry needs, and a commitment to security and quality. With our experience in multiple sectors and technologies and accolades like the “FT 1000” recognition, we ensure technically sound solutions are strategically aligned with your business goals.

Security is a cornerstone of our DevOps approach. We employ advanced security measures like passwordless SSH server access, IP whitelist/blacklist, and firewall setups. Automated vulnerability detection, HTTPS enforcement, and multi-factor authentication are standard practices. Our vigilant monitoring of infrastructure and applications further ensures the integrity and security of your operations.

Absolutely. We recognize that every business has unique requirements. Our team collaborates closely with you to tailor our DevOps solutions, ensuring they align perfectly with your specific goals, whether accelerating deployment, enhancing security, or streamlining operations.

Our DevOps team is adept at scaling infrastructure in response to your project’s growth. We offer custom pricing for solutions like load balancing and database scaling. Our proactive approach ensures that your infrastructure evolves accordingly as your user base grows, maintaining performance and reliability.

Data safety is paramount to us. We implement daily database backups with an adjustable backup lifecycle strategy. By that, we ensure not just the security of your critical data but also provide a robust framework for quick recovery in the event of data loss, guaranteeing business continuity.

Integration is vital to our approach. We work as an extension of your existing team, aligning closely with your processes and workflows. We aim to seamlessly integrate our DevOps solutions with your operations, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Our SLA encompasses comprehensive software and infrastructure monitoring to ensure your project runs smoothly, securely, and efficiently. It includes regular updates and providing estimations to clients. We also focus on data aggregation and analysis for usage, costs, and traffic, aiding in informed decision-making for further development and cost optimization. Additionally, our SLA includes Sentry monitoring for swift issue detection and resolution, with dedicated developer time for error fixing included in the SLA offer or available at custom pricing.

Emergency reaction support is a crucial component of our SLA. We prioritize minimizing downtime and preventing emergencies through robust measures like server and database backups for fast restoration of functionalities. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) allows us to renew core infrastructure resources quickly. Our notification system ensures that the responsible team is promptly alerted about downtime, hacks, or issues, with reaction times and resolution strategies dependent on the SLA terms. The pricing for emergency reactions is custom, depending on the complexity and duration of issue resolution.

jan kamiński, head of sales at applover, co founder

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Jan Kamiński

jan kamiński, head of sales at applover, co founder