Kotlin is a static typed general-purpose programming language that focuses on multi-platforms. The language is developed by the JetBrains company, and the Kotlin trademark is held by the Kotlin Foundation.

ISO 13485

The type interference (commonly known as type inference based on assigned value) in the Kotlin allows for more concise syntax. Kotlin targets mainly JVM, but it can also be compiled into JavaScript or native binary code (using LLVM compiler). This gives you the possibility to run it on built-in devices or devices that do not support JVM.

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Ecommerce Waste Food Mobile App for Restaurants

Ecommerce Mobile App for Restaurants

Mobile app that helps restaurants sell all their prepared dishes, and users to buy priced of high quality food that would other way go to waste. Everybody wins.

labplus x applover case study


LabPlus provides a simple way to schedule and pay for desired medical test in your home town.


Kotlin – similarities to other programming languages

Kotlin, in terms of its ideas and goals, is very similar to the Apple’s Swift language used to create applications for macOS and iOS. Above all, the similarities between the two languages will help developers transfer applications from iOS to Android while maintaining the code’s essential performance and sense.

Combining this fact with the restrictive policy of using Java free of charge has made the Android community much more likely to choose Kotlin to develop applications.


Kotlin and Java

Kotlin is designed to work with Java. Therefore, it is possible to combine these two languages in one project based on JVM. Kotlin introduces many improvements and is a much more precise language than Java, but it may be a bit more complicated than Java. The code written in Kotlin is more concise, but at the same time, it better communicates the intentions of the programmer, who, with the help of convenient mechanisms, must declare what he/she wants to do. The language also has constructions that help to avoid logical mistakes and improve the readability of the code. Also, null safety is built into the Kotlin, so there will be less severe problems with NullPointerException and a few other conveniences, which will undoubtedly be missing in Java.

However, it is essential to remember that Java is still the most popular programming language. Most existing projects and libraries are written in Java, and it will take a long time to change that. Therefore, the best solution is to know Java before Kotlin. Changing the developer’s leading programming language is very smooth, relatively painless, and most importantly – the developer knows how the language works underneath, so solving problems is then much more effective.


Kotlin advantages

In terms of strictly technological advantages, Kotlin provides extensive support for functional programming. Besides, JetBrains has built null error protection directly into the type system. This makes the language much more error-proof and thus more comfortable and cheaper to maintain. In its basic form, i.e., a JVM-based language, Kotlin can also be compiled into JavaScript and native code. Thanks to its advantages, the Kotlin language has become the official programming language for the Android platform.

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