Ecommerce Mobile App for Restaurants

How to create a new trend and help the world by contributing to decreasing food waste.

Ecommerce Waste Food Mobile App for Restaurants
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Our Client

It took many years for a solution to an underestimated problem to be found. When we hear that every year 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted around the world, which amounts to one-third of everything we produce, we helplessly throw our hands up. But our client had a revolutionary idea! They have often seen kilos of exquisite treats going straight to the garbage as soon as the restaurant was closing. Why? The law is the guardian of unreasonable waste. Extremely complicated procedures, sanctions, taxes and fines kill even the smallest, most innocent idea about food recycling. But in every law exists an almost invisible article that brings hope. In this case, our client certainly saw it! 

The challenge

It was our previous customer that recommended cooperation with Applover. The company came up with a revolutionary solution. The idea was to sell selected sets from the menu of contracted restaurants. They are capable of estimating what part of cooked meals will not be consumed, so they would put it on the market with a mobile app, obviously at a lower price. The user of the application would choose one of the restaurants, buy a meal and show up there to pick it up. The list of benefits is long, but the most important is that the food would not be wasted and everyone could not only eat cheaply but also decently. 

Our task was to develop a mobile application for this purpose, initially for Android and later on also for the iPhone (iOS). Both platforms required the creation of a backend from the ground up and a complete UX/UI design process as well as the design of compliant architecture for credit card payment processing.


Development time





Technical Solutions

In the first phase, our UX/UI designer was dealing with the client. During the consultation, he led them through the specification, took care of the branding and materialized their idea in the form of the first mock-ups. The next stages were attended by QA specialists, programmers and graphic designers, which throughout all the stages of the project were under the watchful eye of the Project Manager Radek

Following the implementation of the app for Android, it took a year for our client to “knock on our door again”. The vast majority of restaurants were using iOS devices, so it was almost impossible to register and increase the quantity of cooperating restaurants. We were asked to work on an iOS application. By the way, we also had an unpleasant surprise. Even though only a year had passed, the technologies had changed enough to slow down and hinder the functioning of the Android version. So, while programming the application for iOS, it was also necessary to update the program for Android. 

We have created a user-friendly interface that is pleasing to the eye and thanks to which the end-user can easily buy food. They can search for a restaurant in several ways, using the map or the search engine with a few helpful filters. In terms of graphics, we have chosen a currently trendy clear model of solid colors, where the dominant colors are black – the color of high quality, and bright green – a color often associated with ecology.

The outcome

It is worth mentioning that this waste food app was financed exclusively from our client’s resources. Despite the fact that the cooperation was being processed purely remotely, we managed to successfully get the application through the development process. Despite difficulties with the Android app’s compatibility, thanks to our skilled crew, both apps were successfully published in application stores within the determined deadlines.

We hope they enjoy the taste of success for as long as possible!

Meet our team!

Radosław Bułat CEO Applover


Member of the Board

Julian Jurec Android Dev


Android Developer

kuba android dev


Android Developer

miłosz wyrwas ios dev


iOS Developer

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