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Dedicated individual & team

Your developers will be working from our headquarters in Wrocław, Poland. We’re located in one of the fastest-growing tech hubs. We provide all of the tech experts with the necessary tools and equipment so they can focus on your digital product and nothing else. You can always communicate with them directly via your communication method of choice – Slack, Google Meet, mail, phone and many more. You’ll always know what Applover developers are working on right now, thanks to the project management tools we use (Jira, Trello, Asana, etc.). All of our developers are highly responsive and fluent in English and often multiple other languages like German or French.

We always choose the most suitable technological stack for your project requirements. We rely on various programming languages. We offer back-end development in Ruby on Rails and Node JS, but we can also help you when C++, Clojure, Django, Go, Elixir, Java, Lisp, PHP, Python, Rust, Scala are required. For front-end development we use modern front-end frameworks like Vue.js, React and Angular. We also develop websites using ready-made content management systems like WordPress. 

When it comes to mobile application development, we take care of both the Android and iOS ecosystems natively with the use of Kotlin or Java for Android and Swift for iOS, but we do also develop cross-platform apps using Flutter. Moreover, with our extensive database of developers subscribed to Bench by Applover, we can find you specialists in the technology you need.

We create visual mockups of projects using Adobe XD or Figma. Our UX/UI designers are also fluent in FigJam, which we use for remote cooperation and conducting online workshops with our clients.

Of course, it’s quite usual for Applover’s clients. You can start with just one top tech talent and grow your team of developers over time. You can trial us for 14 days, and if you’re not satisfied with our services, you can end it – no strings attached.

Due to our location (Wrocław, Poland), we have access to some of the best developers in the world. Our top tech talent graduate from Poland’s best technical universities and gain experience working on international commercial projects for corporations and startups. Applover is tapped into this talent pool through our extensive network and local IT events. Moreover, we provide our developers (in addition to various perks and benefits) with a unique work culture, where people quickly become friends and enjoy working together.

What’s more, with our extensive database of prescreened developers subscribed to Bench by Applover we can offer you the best tech talent. It’s a perfect opportunity for freelance developers who want to work for a trusted company and on a challenging project that matches their preferences and is aligned with their experiences.

Usually, the work done is tracked by Hubstaff integrated with Jira or a time tracker of your choice, so you can keep track of how much time developers spend on their tasks. If you like to work in a different way, we’re always happy to adjust. Apart from that, your development team has a dedicated Account Manager who participates in weekly meetings where you can catch up, summarize the work done and plan the next steps. They’re also accessible at any time if something comes up.

Our day rate for the developer’s work ranges between 320 and 480 EUR. The cost depends on the technology and experience required for your product development. We bill you monthly for each developer you hire. Visit Applover’s pricing site to get to know more about the costs of day rates of our developers or contact us to get a fair estimate. 

We focus on our people – our company’s culture is unique and highly valued by us and our team. As a result, we understand each other and we know what our strongest skills and weakest points are. This enables us to work together and stay highly motivated and engaged in every project from the very beginning to the end.

Moreover, we don’t just provide you with the top developers to work on your project. Every time, behind the scenes, there is our expertise, our shared experiences and the insights we’ve gathered over the years. With our machine learning algorithm, we can also match the best developers’ team to every project. Our unique tool, Bench, makes it simple and provides our clients with the best recommendations of developers. You can read more about Bench by Applover and the matching process here.

Building a project from scratch

We cooperate with our clients in 2 models time and materials (a day rate for our tech top experts’ services settled each month) and fixed price. The way we settle for our services depends on whether you’re looking for a team extension or you want us to take control of the budget and develop the project from scratch. In the case of team rental, we operate only on a time and materials basis; however, in the case of greenfield projects, we’re open to work on a fixed price model and take even more responsibility for a project. When developing a project from scratch, it’s crucial for us to understand the product and your needs before we start development. That’s why we conduct workshops beforehand: to understand each other, the way we work and what the final product should look like. This eliminates risks and allows us to properly estimate the project. You can read more about our workshops and product development process in our Process Book

What does not change is that in every model you can count on our expertise. Our developers work from Applover’s headquarters in Poland, and our leadership oversees your team, manages payroll, benefits and more, so you can just focus on your business.

With over 220 developed projects, we can say that we know everything about custom software development. We have established a process that works perfectly, and for every client, we provide dedicated workshops during which we learn about the product and determine all of the necessary functionalities, biggest challenges and technological solutions to overcome them. Your digital product can just function better, thanks to our knowledge and experience.

Another pro is that you can count on our Project Manager; you don’t need to worry about overseeing the work progress on a day-to-day basis.

When it comes to cons, it is a bit more expensive for you than hiring the Applover team, and you need to dedicate your time to managing the project and finding solutions to overcome any obstacles that are inevitable during product development.

The success of your product may depend on certain details, especially if there are already similar products on the market. Sometimes those details decide whether users will like your app more than the other solutions on the market. That’s why custom development might bring great value to your business and when working with an experienced team you have better chances to succeed.

The costs of custom software development vary from project to project. It depends on the requirements, technology, and scope. To estimate the cost of your digital product, visit our pricing site or contact us directly.

Start by telling us about your idea or the development project. Then we’ll send you a brief with a few questions to answer. This enables us to prepare a ballpark estimate for your project and provide you with the timeline proposition. Next, we’ll conduct workshops during which we’ll discover everything about your project, establish the most important functions and goals of your product, and prepare the final scope, specification and mock-ups. Based on our findings, we’ll come up with a final estimate. When you’re satisfied with the workshop outcome, price and timeline, we’re ready to sign a final agreement for development. To get to know more about our custom development process, read our Process Book.

To successfully develop any project you need to research all aspects of it and share this knowledge with your team of top tech experts. So, answer the questions from Applover’s brief and provide as much detail as possible. Communicate your needs, requirements and expectations, and utilize the workshops we conduct with you. They allow us to see your product from another point of view, explaining everything to the development team and translating your idea into your beautiful new digital product. If you want to know more, please visit our blog and read about effective product development.

If you prefer, we can sign an NDA. Just let us know if you need us to provide you with it or if you already have your own NDA.

We always try to set a realistic timeframe for implementing the project, and our workshop process helps us to do it right. However, you don’t have to wait until the project is completely done to see the results. During the development process, we always try to deliver milestones and functionalities in an iterative way. This means you can expect continuous updates from the Project Managers and development team, access to the staging environment and demos prepared by a team to keep you informed and up to date on the progress so you can plan your actions. We believe good communication is the key to success, that’s why we like to cooperate closely with our clients and get instant feedback to eliminate issues as they arise.

Yes, we maintain existing projects. We’ve worked with many clients on maintaining their digital products. Just drop us a line so we can estimate the maintenance costs. 

You will work with experienced top tech experts – Project Manager, Developer or team of Developers, QA Experts and UX/UI Designers. Your main point of contact will be the Project Manager who oversees the whole development process. But you will meet the whole team at the beginning of our cooperation and you’ll be able to contact everyone when needed. You can read more on roles in the project on our blog

Yes, at Applover we provide you with a warranty. The guarantee length and detailed conditions are the separate provisions of the contract. After implementation, we can also take care of the administration, maintenance and further development of the created digital product.

The answer to this question is not popular with our new clients because it just depends. 😉 The development time varies on every product. It depends on the type of order, the selected technology and the required amount of work. 

We aim to set a realistic timeframe for implementing the project, but you don’t have to wait for us to complete the project to start seeing results. During the development process, you will receive continuous updates from our Project Managers and the development team, and you’ll get access to the staging environment and demos to keep you informed on our progress so you can plan ahead. The time needed to develop your product also depends on your budget and the number of developers working on it, as well as whether you need the designs or you already have your own ready to code. The implementation of most versions of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) doesn’t take longer than 6-8 weeks from the moment you sign the contract.

About Applover

As top tech experts, we want to help you build and grow your business. We like challenges and our mission is to make every great idea a reality. It’s simple as that and we’re standing by this statement with every project we accomplish. 

To meet us, please visit this site.

Applover HQ is located in Wrocław, Poland. Thanks to our location in the CEE, we can work for clients all over the world, and our time zone is just six hours ahead of clients from New York. We work just one hour earlier for clients in Dubai, and time differences across Europe don’t disturb our work. 

Applover has operated since 2016, but our founders have much more experience in the IT industry. Get to know us better here.

Applover has worked for various companies across many industries – from startups to international corporations. We developed products for such clients as Amino, Slock.it, Ticketing.co, Steppie, Foodsi, ETH Zurich, Labplus, Signium, Outfilm, Market Supply, Prismade (edding), and many more we cannot disclose due to the white label model of cooperation. To get a better sense of what products we have developed, please go to our case studies. And if you want to know what our clients say about working with Applover, please see our Clutch profile.

Applover focuses on its people ‒ our top tech experts. The company’s culture is unlike any other, and we’re very proud of it as a team. We know each other well, we enjoy working together and we’re aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to work together and stay highly engaged in every project from the very beginning to the end. You don’t have to take our word for it ‒ you can see what our team says about Applover.

Moreover, we don’t just provide you with the top developers to work on your project. Every time, behind the scenes there is our expertise, our shared experiences and the insights we’ve gathered over the years. You can meet our team here.

What’s more, we recently developed Bench, our tool for devs team subscription that is based on machine learning. We did it to make our work easier and smarter and that is how we work on every project – contact us and see for yourself.


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