Product Design Process

The development of each of the software products consists of many elements, ultimately resulting in ready-made mobile applications, web apps, or websites.

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product design process - applover services
product design process - applover services

The whole team of graphic designers, based on their experience, proposes how the final project should look like.

Designers are guided by customers’ requirements and ideas about the final design image, business goals, and a proven design process. Every cooperation between designers and customers should start with a creative brief and workshop. Thanks to that process, the team involved in the project can reliably approach the product design process.

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Rating Captain

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Mobile and web application for golfers and club professionals.

What is product design?

Product design is the process’s name, consisting of activities such as imagining, creating, and developing projects. It is crucial for those whose task will be to establish a specific target group’s problems.

The key to the design process’s success is to understand the end-user customer’s needs. A product designer’s task is to guide the product development so that the final product responds to users’ needs. Design projects should be conducted so that the final project fits perfectly into users’ habits, behavior, and requirements.

product design process at applover

How is product design planned?

The product design process varies depending on the team that leads it. However, in the vast majority of cases, each product designer follows a specific philosophy for product development. In many cases, this philosophy is based on the design-thinking process, which takes the product’s usability very seriously. This process consists of the following elements: empathize with people, define the problem, ideate a solution, build a prototype, test the solution.

Product design does not always run linearly, and its components mentioned above often change the order. Sometimes, the next steps in the process lead the team to new conclusions and thoughts. In such cases, designers are ready to change the previous arrangements. Their decisions will have a direct impact on the usability of the final product.

product design process at applover

Prototype and user experience

The design team is responsible for many of the elements that ultimately make up product development. In addition to the conceptual tasks, its members also create sketches.

The prototype allows the customers to see how the final design will look like. This is extremely important in the whole product design, which ultimately must result in a high user experience of the entire project.

The role of product designer

In the process of product design, the figure of the designer is crucial. It is also essential that the designers work closely with the development team and the client. The customer’s ideas must be confronted with the design principles, user experience, and technological capabilities of the project, for which the development team is responsible.
A properly conducted design project will finally become a website or mobile application that will respond to the requirements and solve user problems. This, in turn, will translate into achieving the client’s business goals.

While starting to work on software product design, it is good to cooperate with experienced designers who know how to lead the process and what to do to ensure that the final project meets future users’ expectations, further translating into the entire project’s business success.

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