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Have you ever wondered how many websites are on the Internet? As of 2021, it’s estimated to be around 1.9 billion websites online right now1. It’s not better when it comes to the global mobile application market surpassing 218 billion app downloads last year2. With an all-time high rivalry for users’ time and attention, design has become more important than ever. And the most important factor is the first impression that a user interface and user experience will offer.

We all want our digital products to look smooth and awesome. But most of the apps and websites aren’t standing out compared to each other. They are similar and often the usage is confusing. By following growing trends in product design, we can make apps or websites more valuable and increase user engagement. Trends change year by year. Yet, keeping up with them will be a helpful guide to prepare for the next year.

So what will be in trend for UX/UI design in 2022? How do you give digital products a competitive edge?

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The key to the design of Web and Mobile development

Our last TrendBook publication was 2020/2021. Since then, some of the trends have remained unchanged, but some have dramatically changed. We spend more time online looking for solutions that appear to be cheaper, fulfill our needs, and meet aesthetic standards. It’s clearly tied to the changes brought into our lives by the pandemic. We can already observe a significant shift in the usage of collaboration tools in the age of remote work. That’s why we have come up with TrendBook 2022.

In our newest publication, we discuss trends in UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design. This is our 3rd release and as new design trends appear every year, the same case is with UI/UX design trends. We take a modern look at design dimensions and a forecast of the trends that will dominate. As a result, it’s a simple way for designers to provide something fresh to their clients, while for product owners it might be a source of inspiration for the brand’s growth.

We didn’t want to only theorize how the way of designing is changing but to point out specific trends and illustrate the examples. We did this so all the readers can discover and visualize the design trends in 2022.

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We outlined the main features in digital design trends in the upcoming months. With our top tech experts to share their knowledge, we can discuss many UX/UI insights together and exchange our thoughts.

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Piotr Sędzik


Made with client success in mind

Companies must be more innovative to catch users’ attention. Naturally, users’ preferences vary constantly. But by creating a visually beautiful and user-friendly project, you’re meeting user needs and requirements as well as solving their problems.

Whether you plan on developing a digital product, or you’re designer itself, with this TrendBook you will discover many UX/UI trends that will make your design stand out. You will learn:

  • collaboration tools in the age of remote work,
  • giving your product a competitive advantage with UX strategy,
  • product design tools you should know,
  • most common UX design mistakes you should avoid,
  • best practices for microcopy, dark mode interface, and mobile devices app design,
  • tips for Flutter development – a fresh framework from Google,
  • ways to improve your design skills,
  • the process of mobile app design and product design workshops,
  • and how much does it cost to design an application in 2022.
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Based on our observations, research, and experience, we’ve chosen and distilled UI and UX trends that provide not just product quality, but a better experience. After all, design is all about the experience.

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Natalia Kamecka

Marketing Manager

Insights by UX/UI top tech experts

To provide the most reliable and inclusive results in our design trends for 2022, we invited UX and UI designers that work with us at Applover along with experts from sales and marketing. Combining years of experience and the broadest possible perspective, we’ve identified key shifts and shared our opinions. Without a doubt, design is a dynamic field. Thanks to top tech experts operating in software development on a daily basis, you will find descriptions and secrets of their experience in building great digital products.

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The upcoming year poses many challenges for designers. But great designers are always thinking ahead. Even though the natural life cycle of trends causes some of the changes, it’s important to be up to date. Keep in mind that you’re always welcome to contact our team at any time and discuss your app or web design idea! Together we can discuss what’s best.

The eBook “UX/UI TrendBook for 2022” is available for free download below. And if you feel like it, please share your thoughts on it with us!

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