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App Development

The result of app development is creating a web application designed and implemented with desktop users in mind, or a mobile application, which is software running on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets.

The app development process involves not only programmers but also a team of designers and, in many cases, business analysts. They support app development in such a way that it ends in real business success of the created application, and the final product meets the expectations of users and solves their problems. 


Web app development

A web application is a computer program that runs on a server and communicates through a computer network with the computer user’s host. The prerequisite for using a web application is that the user has installed one of the web browsers. In this case, the user will be an interactive client of the web application.

Web application development uses a variety of mechanisms such as JSP, CGI, and ASP.NET. Web application developers also need to know one of the programming languages like PHP, Java, or C#. For a web application to work correctly, it needs to be mediated by a web server. The most popular examples of web applications are Wikipedia, eBay, Gmail, or Yahoo.


Mobile app development – iOS and Android

A mobile app is a name for applications that are developed for mobile devices – phones, smartphones, or tablets, unlike web apps. The goal of mobile app development is to create software with a touch interface, designed to run on portable electronic devices, excluding laptops. As in the case of web app development, mobile app development involves a programmer or a team of programmers and designers, testers, and business analysts who work together to ensure that the developed product solves future users’ problems meets the objectives set for it.

A characteristic of mobile app development is that many solutions are developed separately for devices with different operating systems. In such cases, app development processes become a bit more elaborate, translating into its final cost. However, some programming frameworks allow the simultaneous implementation of solutions for devices with different operating systems. Such a solution saves time and budget that would have to be doubled in native app development.

Mobile app developer

Programmers who develop mobile or web applications are app developers. Due to app development differences for products dedicated to devices with different operating systems, developers specialize in creating applications for specific systems. That is why in the terminology used by digital agencies, we often hear about iOS developers, Android developers. In the case of specialists using frameworks that allow simultaneous creation of solutions for the operating systems mentioned above, we talk about, e.g., Flutter or React Native developers.

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