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UI Design

User Interface is a series of screens, pages, and visual elements – such as buttons and icons – that enable interaction with a product or service. UI Designer focuses on the visible layer of the project but understands how a website or application should work and why. His task is to prepare the project to be the most effective to implement, consistent with the patterns of interaction to which users are accustomed and even with the product branding.

When designing the interface, it is essential to balance functionality and visual elements to create an operational and useful system and adapted to users’ changing needs.

Basic UI design principles

  • Appearance – The user interface should be divided into sections, which are intended for different purposes.
  • Content awareness – the interface should make the user aware of where the site is located and what information is presented to him.
  • Aesthetics – the interface should balance the amount of information provided with its visual attractiveness.
  • User experience – the website’s design should take into account the ease of learning the interface for beginners and experienced and advanced users.
  • Consistency – The user interface should be consistent in a given project to predict the effects of his actions.
  • Color – affects not only the design and attractiveness of the project but also an element that helps the user take actions that we care about. Coloring helps to express the hierarchy, establish the presence of the brand and give meaning to
  • Typography – consistent typography facilitates the hierarchy of content and highlights the most critical elements of the project; UI Designer should know the basic typography principles.
  • Balance of composition – balancing the design consists of arranging the positive elements and the negative space so that no area of the project dominates over others.
  • Contrast – thanks to the proper use of contrast; we can focus the user on the elements we care about
  • Consistency is a crucial principle in design. It is worth remembering that an application or a page’s consistency is about the color palette, typography, or walking, and the words and style of expression that we use to convey the content.
  • Minimize effort – The interface design should facilitate the user’s actions. The number of steps leading to a given result must be as small as possible.

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