We are thrilled to have Dr. Jane van Dis, a well-known obstetrician-gynecologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester, on the show today. 

Anybody interested in the developing field of digital health and how it affects patient care—especially in obstetrics and gynecology—must listen to this episode. Using her distinct viewpoint, Dr. van Dis discusses the potential of telehealth and how it may completely transform patient accessibility and safety. Her background as an educator, legal medical reviewer, and medical director provides a plethora of information for both students and medical professionals.

Dr. van Dis is an enthusiastic supporter of gender equality and inclusion outside of her professional accomplishments. We go into her experiences combating gender stereotyping and encouraging diversity in healthcare settings in this episode. This Digital Health and Gender Equity episode contains what you need to be inspired, get useful guidance, and have a better grasp of the possibilities and problems in healthcare. Motivating and educational, Dr. van Dis’s narrative provides a road map for anyone hoping to have a significant influence in the medical industry. Watch to pick the brains of a leader who is influencing healthcare’s future while simultaneously clearing the path for more inclusiveness and equity.

Leadership and Healthcare Management

In healthcare, efficient operations, good work culture, and high-quality patient care depend on effective leadership. Leading these traits is Dr. Jane van Dis, the Medical Director of Business Development and Operations at OB Hospitalist Group.

To healthcare management, Dr. van Dis offers a special viewpoint. Assuring that hospitalist care satisfies the highest standards, she oversees corporate development. Establishing contacts with healthcare providers and organizations is her responsibility, as is fostering a cooperative atmosphere that promotes creativity and quality. Setting a wonderful example for future leaders, her leadership style, which is based on communication, empathy, and strategic planning, enables her to confidently and clearly negotiate the complexity of healthcare.

Creating welcoming and encouraging work environments is one of Dr. van Dis’s main leadership pillars. She knows that a team that succeeds is one in which every member feels important and heard. Her staff are inspired and in line with the objectives of the company because she encourages diversity and open communication. This strategy improves team spirit and, as medical staff collaborates to provide excellent treatment, improves patient outcomes.

Achieving Gender and Race Equity in Healthcare

Both difficult and vital is the path toward gender and racial equality in healthcare. Co-founder of Equity Quotient Dr. Jane van Dis has devoted her professional life to reducing these inequalities and advancing a more welcoming medical setting.

The necessity of cultural changes inside healthcare institutions is a major obstacle to gender and racial justice. Dr. van Dis promotes creating a setting that honors variety and gives voice to everyone. Her emphasis is on the need for inclusive laws and procedures, which guarantee that medical professionals are aware of and able to meet the particular requirements of patients from various backgrounds. Dr. van Dis thinks healthcare can become a more inclusive and just profession by encouraging equity at all levels, from patient care to leadership.