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Imagine a world where UI design is simplified, where ready-made components can be seamlessly integrated into your Flutter apps, and where creativity meets efficiency. Welcome to Applover’s Flutter Storybook! In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of unique and easily modifiable widgets designed not only to enhance the user experience but also to speed up the UI development process.  We’ll explore the genesis of this project and how it has evolved from an internal tool to an open-source trove for developers, testers, and designers alike.

Flutter Storybook, an open-source tool for streamlined UI design

Storybook is a tool that helps you manage UI elements in Flutter apps. It allows for easier creation of user interfaces using ready-made components. When creating the storybook, we wanted it to contain widgets that are distinctive, unique, creative, and easy to implement in many projects. 

In addition, the development team could quickly test the widgets and verify the quality of the written code by isolating individual components. It’s also worth mentioning that it contains written widget tests. The Flutter storybook was initially created as an internal project at Applover to facilitate work in the Flutter development team. Over time, an idea emerged to make the storybook for Flutter available to other developers as an open source ready to use for other programmers.

The general idea was that the project was initially intended to be used internally by the Flutter team at Applover to help with UI development for new projects. It was supposed to be a base of widgets ready to be reused in another project after appropriate modification. It’s also worth noting that all widgets included in the storybook are written in such a way as to be easily modifiable and can be quickly prepared for use in another project or another place in the project.

Exploring the potential of Flutter Storybook widgets

We believe that Applover’s storybook can be useful to programmers, testers, and designers because it contains various widgets, such as animated buttons, text boxes, and, e.g., widgets that mimic the look and behavior of native iOS UI elements – just to name a few. In the source code, interested persons can find widgets code, widget tests, and gifs showing exactly how a particular widget looks. 

Let’s take a preview look at the Animated Play Button widget, for example. This widget can trigger an animation in the music player, but you can also slightly modify it and use the animation shown on it, e.g., when loading or waiting for a response from the server. This animation can also be used to emphasize interactivity, thus enhancing the application’s user experience. Another use can be to indicate to the user which button should be clicked to produce the desired effect, or it can simply draw the user’s attention to a specific element on the screen. 

Applover's Flutter Storybook - the Animated Play Button widget

These are just a few of the applications that the widget can be used for, it can be the basis for many different applications and solutions, and this is just one example of a widget you can find in Applover’s storybook. Inside the project, you can find more examples of ready-to-use components and some that need to be customized before use.

When we were creating the storybook, at some point throughout the process, we assumed that other developers would wish to use its solutions in their own work. Because of this, we decided to provide the source code to the public. As Applover, in collaboration with Google Developer Groups, organizes The Flutter Meetup (with the 4th edition coming up!), we are proud to contribute to the Flutter community in Poland and worldwide even further.

Elevate UI and design collaboration with Applover’s Flutter Storybook

We believe that Applover’s Flutter Storybook will be an invaluable resource for developers, testers, and designers looking to elevate their UI design capabilities while streamlining their workflow. By offering a vast array of customizable, ready-to-use widgets, this open-source project simplifies the creative process and fosters collaboration and innovation within the Flutter development community. Take advantage of this powerful tool to enhance user experiences and stay ahead in the ever-evolving app development world. The possibilities are truly endless 😉