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The abbreviation UX Design comes from the English name of user experience design, which means a field of science dealing with the design and study of user experience of websites and applications. Knowing the rules that apply in this specialization can be used in parallel in projects aimed at people. The main target is the majority on the Internet. 

UX Designer

UX Designer deals with designing a user experience. It means taking care of creating digital products such as games, websites, or web applications to be user-friendly and making their operation intuitive. Every product entering the market must respond to the needs of users. Designers to achieve their goals using the method of user-oriented design. This method focuses on asking questions about the user, his emotions, goals, and tasks. This information allows designers to make decisions about product development.

Designer’s responsibilities:

  • Interaction design (developing how the application will work).
  • Designing a recipient’s experience from scratch.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction with the product.
  • Research and testing solutions with users (collecting inspirations, verification).

Interaction Design in User Experience

This is the process of communication between the application and its user. It is a crucial element from the point of view of UX. It aims to invite the user to interact quickly and clearly. Interactive features (clickable) should be intuitive and eye-catching. The button’s intuitiveness is that seeing a button with a star sign, and the user guesses what it can do. The user experience designer takes care of the proper placement of given interactive elements.

When designing interactions, the 5 most important elements should be considered:

  • visibility – recognition,
  • predictability,
  • feedback – the reaction of the application to the user’s behavior,
  • learning,
  • consistency

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