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It is a process to create a World Wide Web or intranet system available on a private network. Websites can also differ from each other on many other levels. Some of them are simple landing pages that contain only text, some are enriched with images or animations, while others are complex web applications. Every day we also use many business portals or network services, which are also web pages.


What is part of web development?

Creating a website consists of a workshop with the client, constant contact between the client and the development team, software development, design, creation of content for the website, and providing appropriate security for the site. However, the web development process itself consists only of aspects that are not related to design. Web development may include content management systems (CMS) so that further editions of the website will be possible for people with the basic technical skills.


Who is responsible for web development?

The team whose task is to create websites may consist of several web developers. Everything depends on the size and requirements of a given project. In the case of smaller companies and smaller projects, even one developer can correctly manage to create a website, but at the moment when the goal of the process is to create a large portal with multiple and non-standard functionalities, it will be necessary to gather a larger team to maintain a high quality of the final product. 

The web development usually involves front-end developers responsible for the visual part of the website and faithful representation of the designer’s idea in the project, back-end developers responsible for the system engine and implementation of all its functionalities in the final product, or full-stack developers who have the skills to perform front-end and back-end developers’ tasks. Apart from software developers, the project usually involves a graphic designer and project manager, whose main task is to manage the team, optimize the work of its members, and communicate progress to clients. Each project involves a tester or team of testers who check how the implemented functionalities work on an ongoing basis and report any issues that need to be improved by the development team. Thanks to this, customers receive high-quality products.

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