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User Interface is a set of elements and rules in the visual design of a given product. The UI elements are all graphic elements, e.g., menu, gallery, text layout, color scheme, everything that concerns the aesthetic layer that facilitates communication with the program/page/application to achieve the goal. A UI can also be responsible for physical elements that help in communication, such as keyboards, control panels, and peripherals. Nowadays, touch panels seem to replace a large part of physical keyboards with touch screens. Interface as a link between man and machine can now be found not only on the screen of a computer or phone but also on the dashboard of a car, washing machine or even fridge. 

An application that looks great but is difficult to use is an example of an excellent UI with a weak UX. 

UI Designer 

A UI designer is a kind of artist. His work answers the question – is a given project excellent and per design rules? 

The scope of responsibilities of a UI maker:

  • creating a guiding style,
  • selection of graphics, images, or other multimedia elements,
  • taking care of visual branding,
  • proposing or implementing a layout and visual hierarchy,
  • UI prototyping,
  • cooperation with UX designer,
  • cooperation during implementation by the developer.

StyleGuide as an essential element of UI design

A significant area of UI Designer’s work is Style Guide – which serves as a guide for programmers on how to behave on particular elements such as buttons, text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons depending on the state (e.g., before clicking, when an error occurs, when something is loaded, etc.). Here too, the designer presents what the distances between the elements and font sizes should be.

Style Guide is an introduction to the entire System Design – with large products, creating such an extensive system significantly accelerates the process of implementing new functions into the existing product. Based on the previously defined styles, the team can introduce coherent elements very effectively.

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