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About product

The University of Wrocław is one of the oldest universities in Poland. With its years of experience, interesting courses and professional staff, the university attracts numerous students from abroad. That is why we were asked to build a mobile application that would help foreign students get the most useful and essential information in one place. One of the crucial pieces of information was The Jungle Book, which we had in paperback. Our goal was to digitize it in the most suitable way for young generations.

The challenge

A limited budget and the need to showcase a wealth of information were our biggest challenges in this project. But there is nothing we would not do for such a client as the University of Wrocław.

Faced with the task of developing mobile applications for Android and iOS with limited resources, we decided to use the Flutter framework. This allowed us to shorten the development time and the need for at least two developers; instead, one Flutter expert at the beginning was capable of doing all the work. 

Our second-biggest challenge was to present an abundance of information in one app. We wanted the product to be intuitive and provide everything that any new foreign student would need. All of the information was categorized into several categories and sub-categories to create an intuitive information design tree that is easy for everyone to use. And we are sure about this because we managed to conduct usability tests with foreign students, and we optimized the app according to their suggestions and research outcomes. By organizing several focus groups, we were confident that we were presenting the client with a well-tested mobile application. 

Technological solution

The app was developed for Android and iOS operating systems using the Flutter framework. UI and UX design were crucial in this project to organize the data in a user-friendly way. It needed to be as easy to understand as possible for all of the students coming to study at Wrocław from all over the world. To ease the orientation between the various buildings of the University of Wrocław, we introduced a map with search options for particular objects. 

We were happy to develop the application by introducing reusable components, which shortened the creation process and allowed us to focus on functionality and user experience. 

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Flutter framework

We choose to work with Flutter, a Google technology that allowed us to create applications for Android and iOS devices simultaneously.
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User-friendly design

UI and UX design had to be as simple as possible to understand for all of the international students that came to Wrocław for college. We added a map with search options for certain things to make it easier to navigate between the many buildings of the University of Wrocław.
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Ready for the academic year

The application is currently available on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, and it has already been downloaded by the first users!

The outcome

The application is now published on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, and the first users have already downloaded it. We are looking forward to the beginning of the academic year to see how many students use it and to receive their feedback on the application.

We are proud to have participated in this process, and we wish the greatest of success for the mobile app as well as all the students that use it! 



Development time

Core team

Michał Kukuł, Project Manager at Applover


Project Manager

katarzyna ux/ui designer


UX / UI Designer

Janusz Hain android dev


Android Developer

bartek łuczak qa specialist at applover


Quality Assurance

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