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A streaming platform with inclusive movies about LGBTQ culture

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Our goal was to develop a streaming platform that showcases inclusive movies about LGBT culture. This platform aims to provide a safe space for people, regardless of their orientation, gender, or beliefs, so they can live in harmony with each other and pursue their dreams without struggling with prejudices. It shows movies with characters whose stories can be an inspiration. Often these stories are about ordinary people with typical dreams. And even when something bad happens to them, they can love and be happy as they are. 

The platform popularizes and develops the LGBTQ film culture, introduces the creators, reports on the most important events, provides entertainment, and presents the greatest achievements of film art. It needed to look professional and function well so that all users can use it easily and enjoy watching movies without technical difficulties. 

The challenge

The cooperation started smoothly as we gathered all of the requirements from the client. We knew what our task involved, and we understood the main goal of the project. But when we started the development process, a lot of challenges arose, such as designing navigation that can be operated via remote control, or limitations resulting from the extremely low technical parameters of TVs. However, the most important and challenging element of the application to overcome was the player, or rather its implementation. Together with the client, we decided to use ShakaPlayer, which met the expectations and seemed to be one of the most optimal choices. Unfortunately, when the time came to implement it, it turned out that we had to fill many gaps in it before it started working adequately. Luckily, it wasn’t something we couldn’t do, but it extended the development process a bit.


Development time

Technological Solution

When we started to choose the technology, Vue.js was chosen rather quickly. First, Vue.js is our specialization at Applover and we feel confident when it comes to this technology. Moreover, it is one of the fastest frameworks which makes it the best idea considering TVs with weak processors. In addition, it is very flexible and easy to develop, which makes it well suited for this type of project. Hence, Vuetify as one of the most advanced UI libraries for Vue was a natural choice.

The outcome

We are delighted that we had the opportunity to create something that will undoubtedly make LGBT cinema more accessible by offering movies and series to an even larger audience. A professional team and constant contact with the client ensured an efficient development process, so there is nothing else to do but sit on the couch and press play, to which we encourage everyone!

We keep our fingers crossed for the increasing popularity of LGBT movies – we are pretty sure that it will happen sooner than later. 

Meet our team!

szymon, project manager at applover


Project Manager

Peter Myszczyński Project Manager at Applover


Full-Stack Developer

jarek front end


Front-end Developer

Adam Szeptucho, Front-end Developer


Front-end Developer

katarzyna ux/ui designer


UX / UI Designer

julia ux/ui designer at applover


UX / UI Designer

bartek łuczak qa specialist at applover


QA Specialist

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