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Our Client

Our fruitful cooperation with Amino started more than two years ago, when one day, directly from Dubai, our client contacted us with a brilliant and innovative idea: to enable direct contact between personal trainers and customers that want to be fit. Our task was to bring this idea to life through a mobile app!

Imagine that you are sitting on your couch, lazily watching some documentary on TV about the fastest people in the world such as Usain Bolt, and suddenly you decide to become one of them. All you have to do is reach for your mobile phone, launch the Amino app, choose a trainer, and soon there he is at your doorstep, ready to beat the hell out of you. Yes, even if there is only a couch and a fridge at home!

What is wonderful about it is that you can work out wherever you are. The trainer structures your workout according to the location and your physical abilities: lunch break in a skyscraper, family picnic outdoors or directly in the gym you attend. 

No excuses – your trainer will find you wherever you go! 

The challenge

Our objective was to select solutions for an effective development of the iOS mobile app. During the so-called Product Day we sat with the client and we spoke about his expectations. After that we were ready to outline and schedule the creation of the final product. Our main goal was to choose the right technologies and architecture in order to simplify as much as possible the usability of the platform for both our client and the final customers.

Another challenge was to manage, in a seamless way, the integration between our solution and the payment systems operating in Dubai.

All these goals had to be fulfilled, dealing with the complexity of the application and maintaining its aesthetical integrity and consistency.




Development time


Registered trainers

Technological solution

To develop the back-end and the administration panel of the application we chose the Ruby on Rails framework due to its numerous advantages for example simplicity of the code that, fastening the programing, allows our developers to focus on another aspect of the project. To create the iOS app we chose the Swift language, meanwhile the Android we proceeded with Kotlin. It is worth to mention that our highly skilled developers overcome some obstacles; the biggest was the connection and integration with the payment systems operating in Dubai.

Our UX/IU designer took care of the emotional and visual design, choosing black as the dominating color to symbolize power and elegance as well as high quality; and orange as an accent color to emphasize the positive energy and determination. All in all, these two colors together we found to be a perfect match for a fitness-related application.

The outcome

Here we are! 

Despite the distance between us, the whole communication process with the client went so smoothly that after the delivery of the iOS app we had been asked to continue the collaboration. So, consequently, we designed the Android version of the app, fully reaching Amino’s business assumption. Now everyone, no matter if they are an iOS or Android user, can easily book their personal trainer. No excuses. 

However, our relationship with Amino did not end there. We worked also on more recent improvements. We modified and simplified some structural and aesthetic details to make the app even easier to use than before. Together with the client, aiming for the best user experience possible, we created Amino’s currency system. We also upgraded the booking process and payment systems management.

The app had been enriched with the Fitness Consultation service, thanks to which the customer may discuss his training plan with a qualified personal trainer.

To develop the back-end and the administration panel of the application we chose the Ruby on Rails framework. It is worth mentioning that our highly skilled developers had to overcome some obstacles; the biggest was connection and integration with the payment systems operating in Dubai. 

Our UX designer took care also of the emotional and visual design, choosing black as the dominant color to symbolize power and elegance as well as high quality; and orange as the accent color to emphasize positive energy and determination. These two colors together are the perfect match for a fitness-related application.

Despite some unexpected difficulties, we kept to the deadlines and released the two apps within the scheduled time!

It was a pleasure to cooperate with Amino,

“Our focus is on building a long-term relationship”

What we have done: 

  • Preparation of the project documentation 
  • Design of application wireframes and flows
  • Development of the native iOS Swift and Android Kotlin applications
  • Development of the back-end and administration panel to manage the application
  • Integration with the PayFort payment system and the addition of the Apple Pay option

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