Daily activity app for kids

Health app that motivates and rewards kids for healthy behaviors such as walking.

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Our client is a start-up that uses the latest technologies and changes the rules of the game in promoting healthy lifestyle changes for children. They wanted to build a functional app for kids and came to us with their brilliant idea! Their goal was to encourage children to be more active and take more steps every day through a mobile application. It can be used individaully by child and groups of children (e.g. schools) to compete against each other to be more active every day. To motivate them even more, the client wanted to showcase training videos on the web application. 

The challenge

Our main challenge was to integrate application with applications tracking number of steps we take everyday (Google Fit and Apple Health apps). Publishing a mobile app written in Flutter on Googla Play and App Store was our goal. To achieve it, we needed to meet short deadlines and adjust to several changes in the project scope during the development process. Flutter is a framework we love but we worked on several new aspects that were both challenging and highly rewarding, like adding animations and providing efficient usage of a mobile application when numerous kids use it at the same time.  

When we thought of a target group of the project – children – we wanted the digital product to function as easily, smoothly and intuitively as possible. That is why designs and clickable mockups of the product were a crucial part of our cooperation with the client.


Development time

Technological solution

The mobile app was developed on Android and iOS and is integrated with the 2 most popular health tracking mobile apps. For backend development, we used Ruby on Rails, Android and iOS apps were created in the Flutter framework. Web application was developed in Vue, and a website was created using WordPress. We plan to develop the product further, among the plans is introducing quizes into a web application, as well as additional achievements for a mobile app. Our client’s goal is to introduce the product to foreign markets and allow international competition between children to take more and more steps and maintain a good health.  

The outcome

There are many solutions related to physical activity and medical parameters, but none is using gamification to encourage children to be more active. Well, now there is!

A positive change in lifestyle during childhood contributes to the reduction of the probability of civilization diseases in adulthood, healthy habits are more likely to stick with you when you start young! We are proud to participate in this process and we wish the greatest of success for this application! 

Meet our team!

Michał Kukuł, Project Manager at Applover


Head of Delivery

Jakub, project manager at applover


Project Manager

julia ux/ui designer at applover


UX / UI Designer

filip kwiatkiewicz flutter dev


Flutter Developer

Szymon Mazanik, android/ flutter dev


Flutter/Android Developer

michał, back end dev


Back-end Developer

Kuba, Front-end Developer at Applover


Front-end Developer

hania domagała front end


Front-end Developer

anna wawrowska, front-end developer at applover


Front-end Developer

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