Web app for the banking institution

Web application for exchanging internal documents and visuals

Ruby on Rails Vue.js

About product

One of our clients was a banking institution in Poland. They hired us to provide them with a safe and reliable web application that will allow them to exchange documents and graphics for internal use. The platform’s main goal is to enable the commissioning of multimedia works to authorized users. Moreover, the client wanted to conduct a clear process and supervise the course of creating these works through the web application. The most important functions of the platform will include:

  • Create, preview and edit a project
  • Track the history of project changes
  • Archive completed projects
  • Download report with the project details 
  • Submit  specific applications
  • Manage permissions of individual users
  • Chat
  • User notifications
  • Upload files in various formats.

The challenge

The biggest challenge in this project was definitely connecting to the client’s existing databases and closed servers, and configuring the project without having direct access to the client’s system for security reasons and not being “on-site”. Moreover, we had to design the entire flow of the projects or tasks on the platform by adapting to the activities of various people in different roles with different levels of access and responsibilities. Additionally, the client wanted to implement chat. This presented us with further challenges to overcome as we wanted to maintain an intuitive design so everyone could use the platform easily. 

Technological Solution

To develop a functional web app we used Vue for front-end and Ruby on Rails for back-end development. MS SQL, Redis, and Podman were also used to provide a required solution. We connected to the client’s Active Directory server using the LDAP library to retrieve data about the user being created. Based on the e-mail provided, we extracted the relevant data from their server and assigned the user to the appropriate department. 

We used Sidekiq and Redis to handle the job queue. But in fact, we only have queued jobs for removing the Shrine cache that is created when files are uploaded to the server. When it comes to Podman, it was used to deliver new versions of the application in the form of containers. Moreover, MS SQL was in use – in order to connect to this type of database, we had to work with the ActiveRecord adapter. We implemented a chat feature using WebSockets.It is a computer communications protocol, which provides full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection. To keep the flow of the project in check (what and exactly at what stage of the project creation can be done by a logged-in user) we used a State Machine. It made our work way easier and allowed us to keep the tight deadline of the project. 

Accessibility levels

This web application is utilized internally by one of Poland's banking organizations. The given solution makes it easier for teams to work together and collaborate.

Intuitive design

The platform's primary purpose is to enable authorized users to commission multimedia creations. It also includes chat feature.

Complex system architecture

We used Vue for front-end development and Ruby on Rails for back-end development to create a working web app.

The outcome

What we developed is a web application that is used internally by one of the banking institutions in Poland. The provided solution facilitates the work and collaboration between teams. All of the required functionalities were introduced, and exchanging files and working on projects is now much more efficient. The client was highly satisfied, and we hope to carry out new projects with this client in the future.



Development time

Core team

Michał Kukuł, Project Manager at Applover


Project Manager

zuzia back-end dev


Back-end Developer

Michał Skibicki, Back-end developer at applover


Back-end Developer

Jakub Siwek, Front-end Developer


Front-end Developer

jarek front end


Front-end Developer

Patryk UX/UI Designer


UX / UI Designer

kuba qa specialist


Quality Assurance

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