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Web Application

A web application is a computer system that runs on a server and communicates over a computer network with a computer user’s host. It uses the user’s web browser to do its work, and the user becomes an interactive client of the web application.


Web app – technology

 It is safe to say that the prototype for web applications were office applications that evolved with the rapid technological development. At the very beginning, web applications used the CGI interface, which enabled communication between the web server software and other programs using HTML.


The following language to appear on the market was PHP, which made it possible to create web pages in real-time. Almost at the same time, solutions were appearing that made it possible to improve software development speed in web applications’ software development. During this time, Javascript began to develop rapidly, which enabled the introduction of more complex elements of web pages and web applications. Another application development technique was AJAX. In this case, the interaction between the user and the server takes place asynchronously, without reloading the entire page. AJAX draws data from the server, and the best-known example of a technology-based on this technique is Gmail. Another web application which we have observed over the past few years, and which operates on the server-side, where the personal computer is only an access point for data, is Microsoft’s software, Office in the online version – Office 365.


Web application development

A computer application needs a web server to function correctly. Developers who deal with web application development must be familiar with such mechanisms as CGI, JSP, or ASP.Net. In web app development most commonly used languages are PHP, Java, and C#.


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