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In business, individual roles are frequently being referred to by their acronyms. Many times, we might be unsure with whom we will hold a meeting, or what that person is responsible for. Until recently, CTOs were linked mostly with software development start-ups or major organizations. Now, this function is becoming incredibly valuable, even in smaller businesses that want to integrate new technologies with business needs.

CTO meaning

CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer. This is the person who manages the technology in the company. He or she has a broad range of technical and business knowledge. The Chief Technology Officer oversees the development and proper functioning of information systems to achieve the business goals.

What is the role of the CTO in a company?

CTOs in companies are in charge of technical teams as well as implementing new strategies to improve product development. This is a similar role to the CIO (Chief Information Officer) as they share several of the same responsibilities. The major difference is that the CIO focuses on information systems with the goal of improving productivity, while the Chief Technology Officer is responsible for the technology strategies to improve the final product.

When it comes to smaller companies and startups, the CTO may be often a close associate of the CEO, with whom together they run the company, and deal with investors as well as customers.

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