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A developer is a person who deals with the development of websites, mobile or web applications, and custom software. However, this does not mean that every developer will create any of the software products available on the market. Developers can also be divided into several categories, including those who develop the back-end part of websites or applications, those who are responsible for creating the visual side of websites, those who program applications designed for devices with iOS or Android software, or those whose code is adapted to work on all mobile devices regardless of their software.

Web Developer

A web developer is responsible for creating the service code in a given programming language – on the server-side. It is mainly about correct data exchange between the service and visitors. Web developers usually cooperate with Web Designers, UX Specialists.

Front-end Developer

A front-end developer is responsible for mapping the vision of UI and UX designers in the project. Their work is mainly based on knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and dedicated frameworks.

Back-end Developer

Back-end developer is a programmer who knows at least one technology such as Java, C++, Ruby, Elixir, PHP, etc. Such a person is usually responsible for encoding a given service, application, or system from the server-side, creating API, and organizing communication with databases.

Full-Stack Developer

Full Stack developer, in turn, is a combination of front- and back-end developers. Such a specialist should have the skills to encode the system/application on the server-side of a given technology while taking care of the system’s visual part and functionality on the user side. However, defining a developer as a full stack developer does not mean equal proficiency in all front- and back-end issues. However, such a developer should certainly deal with all of the aspects of the project.

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