Many mobile and web development companies are offering cross-platform application development services nowadays. With such a wide range of possibilities, how to choose one that will build your wonderful idea? If you’re looking to hire Flutter developers for your next digital product, here you’ll find our advice on how to find the top Flutter app development company.

When should you use Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework known for developing one code and running it on many operating systems. It means that you can build iOS and Android mobile apps from a single codebase. Previously you would have to hire different app developers for the iOS app as well as the Android app. Additionally, this SDK is powered by Google, available free, and open-source.

It’s a great idea to use Flutter for software development especially for startups or companies at an early stage. You should also consider using Flutter when:

  • You need to develop a mobile app both for Android and iOS quickly,
  • There aren’t platform-specific features required,
  • Your budget is limited.

If not a single point applies to you, you should consider different technologies. To do so, check out our article on Native vs Hybrid vs PWA mobile apps – which should you choose?

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The benefits of the Flutter app framework

Besides the ability to develop mobile apps simultaneously for different operating systems, Flutter provides a lot of useful features. Programmers appreciate the ability of this technology for faster coding and testing, well-designed widgets (components), and a certain programming style. Thanks to fast execution, the performance is like in native apps. Flutter app development saves time and saves money. Not without reason, it’s so frequently chosen by entrepreneurs.

Flutter mobile app examples

Since Flutter has become a renowned platform for app development, many companies realized its commercial benefits and an increasing number of apps developed with it. It’s been used by brands like Google, BMW, or Philips. At Applover, we’ve recently developed a mobile app for students at the University of Wrocław and a daily activity app for kids. If you’re interested more, we have a blog post with the best examples of Flutter mobile apps.

How do you choose the best Flutter app development company?

It’s not easy to select the right company for Flutter app development services. Involving someone in the development of your app idea may appear to be risky. And you may not want to disclose it with developers. It’s completely understood, yet the advantages of working with a development company can be enormous. Having a dependable partner that understands the complexity and purpose of application development is necessary for success. The chosen software company should have a lot of expertise and provide services at a reasonable price. Before you begin your search, there are a few factors for you to consider.

Define your company needs and the budget

The first step is to know what your business and the digital product actually need. Recognize your objectives and answer to yourself what development platform you require. Which features should be included in your Flutter application? What outcome is expected with this app? All of this information is required to create a work plan and choose the right specialists to collaborate with, whose skills and experience perfectly match your project assumptions.

Also, establish your budget and decide how much you want to spend on Flutter app development. It’s critical before looking for someone to develop your digital product as the development agency needs to know your limit. Of course, the software cost will vary depending on your requirements. To better understand what influences it, check out our free e-book on custom software development pricing.

Look through your contacts and internet platforms

When you know what you’re looking for, it’s a matter of choosing the best partner out there. Maybe you have some contacts that worked with software development partners and can advise you. You can also check platforms like Clutch or Techreviewer, which list the best Flutter app development companies. When you find an interesting choice, it’s time to verify.

Evaluate their technological stack 

A business that has worked on a variety of mobile apps can offer you many possibilities and help you choose the best tech stack. Check out what technologies that company worked in. It’s better when such an app developer worked not only in Flutter but also in iOS and Android. Technology selection is critical when selecting a partner. So it’s essential to check for firms who have completed similar projects to yours.

Examine their portfolio and reviews

It’s an easy method for improving your chances of finding an app development firm that meets your needs and understands your product. The portfolio is essential for determining technical skills, project ideas, business areas, and other factors. Check whether the company has worked in the past on a development project comparable to your organization’s requirements. You can get a sense of their expertise and skillset by looking at their case studies. Reviews and ratings will also give you a glance at the skills you’re looking for. You can search for them on mentioned online platforms like Clutch, or the company’s website testimonials. It’s a great way to learn about the whole app development process and what communication with the Flutter developer’s team is like.


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Flutter is a great software development kit when it comes to mobile applications. Before looking for top Flutter app development companies, have a detailed plan and budget in mind. Examine potential development teams by looking through their presence on online platforms, available technological stacks, and their portfolio. It’s not easy to find a reliable partner. Feel free to contact the digital agency at any time whenever you have questions.

If you’re considering developing a mobile app and you’re looking for experienced Flutter experts, we would be delighted to talk! In 2021, we were ranked as Top Flutter App Developers. We’ve developed many successful mobile applications. One of our Flutter apps was ranked 5. in the health & fitness category in Google Play. As our clients say, we can handle any Flutter-related problems and help to achieve project objectives.