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Mobile Development

Mobile app development is the process of building applications that run on mobile devices. Such software can be pre-installed on devices, downloaded from a mobile app store, or accessed through a mobile web browser. Programming languages such as Java, Swift, C#, or HTML5 are used to create such software.

Mobile application development possibilities

Currently, there are the following methods for developing mobile applications:

Native development – development of applications for a specific operating system, with careful consideration of all its requirements and standards. These are applications that speak the same programming language (code) as the one for which they were created – like Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. Basically, an application written in a specific code will only fit the corresponding devices.

Hybrid mobile apps – are created using web tools and may also use solutions known from native applications. Hybrids will run on several systems simultaneously due to the use of standard web technologies including JavaScript, frameworks, and plug-ins and are usually included in application installation packages. 

Cross-platform applications – allows you to create a single application that can run on both Android and iOS. With this type of application, only once source code is created that we can run on both systems.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) – the creation of applications that take the form of web resources, but to users look just like native software. From the user’s perspective, progressive web apps combine the best features of using a browser and using mobile apps. Like a browser, they allow users to quickly search for data without installation, while they take from native apps their functions related to the use of device functions.

Developing your mobile app

Each application is built differently and will be different in the requirements and amount of time needed to produce it. The method chosen to create the application should work best with the expectations and goals of the person contracting to build it. Developers today have many development tools, but in order to choose the right one, tactics should be well thought out.


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