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Flutter Development

Flutter is one of the software development kits developed by Google. Flutter development allows the simultaneous development of iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, or Windows applications.

Flutter was introduced almost six years ago. Since then, Flutter development has been growing and attracting more and more interested developers and customers who, thanks to this framework, can save much time and money, which they would normally have to spend on developing applications for the most popular operating systems such as iOS and Android separately.


Flutter app development

Flutter is a cross-platform toolkit that makes it possible to create applications using a single code base. This solution is very beneficial for mobile applications and web applications such as Gmail or Microsoft Office 360. Flutter makes it possible to quickly launch an application while maintaining a high-quality of final product.


Flutter app

Applications developed using Flutter for users are no different from native applications. The application development process is entirely different in this framework’s context.


Flutter – cross-platform app development

Flutter apps’ undeniable advantage is that the cost of their development is much lower than in the case of a native approach. With native app development for two of the most common systems, iOS and Android, it is necessary to involve at least 2 developers responsible for iOS and Android development separately. In Flutter development, usually, 1 developer is involved in the software development process, and what is more, app development itself will take much less time.

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