Android’s environment has been changing constantly over the years, and so are the programming tools. As developers of digital solutions, we should try to check news and updates regularly. Nowadays, without an Android application software, we could not imagine our daily functioning. The number of smartphone users who mainly use the Internet and various applications is constantly growing. As the industry grows, the demand for Android developers is also growing steadily.

Our smartphones accompany us in everyday life while studying, playing, or working. Applications available for download are a cross-section of various functions – ordering meals, reading, listening to music, scanning or creating documents, or contact with the outside world, and new applications are created every day.

Android Developer can create an app for devices that support this software and be part of the mobile revolution reaching people around the world with your product. However, for such work, specific skills are necessary, for example, knowledge of special programming languages ​​to create code. In the following article, you will learn about tools, resources, and skills that are worth knowing in the Android world in 2022.

What is a role of Android developer in 2022

Languages ​​that should be used by an Android developer

There are several programming languages ​​that the Android developer can use.

The official languages ​​are Java and Kotlin to create an Android app. The two languages ​​are very similar to each other. Kotlin is much easier to use as it is a modern language. Besides Java and Kotlin, there are other alternative languages ​​that you can use, such as C, C ++, or JavaScript.

Android development job duties

In his work, an Android Developer has several important duties of creating an application after reducing its errors after implementation. Developers must pay attention to several important aspects when working on the application to make it as simple as possible and adapted to the capabilities of the users. To achieve this, the developer uses various methods, e.g .:

  • Creating the application interface – the developed application should be suitable for everyone. The designer is responsible for creating an interactive and transparent interface, but the programmer must ensure that the designer’s vision is reproduced. This is very important for user experience. A well-made interface facilitates work on the application and attracts new users.
  • Creation of application functions – the application should contain all the features requested by the client. They should run smoothly and be understandable to the user.
  • User needs identification – usually, solutions are invented by the client or people involved in the application design from the business side. The developer has to translate the business logic into technical solutions or consult in order to solve the limitations that may arise during development.
  • Designing efficient code that can be reused – developing applications for Android software requires a thorough understanding of design and programming. It is important to keep the reusable code understandable so that the next developer will have no trouble reading it. After some time, application updates are necessary, and thanks to this code format, it can be easily changed.
  • Tracking industry news – to be a professional programmer regularly, you have to check the trends and tools that appear in the industry on an ongoing basis. After testing, the developer may decide whether the new tool will work in applications.
  • Searching and solving problems – the Android Developer has the greatest responsibility for troubleshooting when the application is delivered to the user. First, developers test the application and then fix any bugs.
What is a role of Android developer in 2022

Work skills of Android developer

Working as an Android Developer is very technical work, so they must code professionally and use programming languages. Effortless use of  Kotlin is required. The programmer must be familiar with current technologies and trends to be able to create high-quality applications.

In addition to the technical skills that are necessary for the work of an Android Developer, he must demonstrate certain soft skills that will certainly facilitate the work. The programmer must be able to work in a team, be accurate, and have the ability to think analytically.

The basic skills required for the position of an Android developer are:

  1. Proficiency in the SQL Technologies,
  2. Fluency in Java and Kotli,
  3. Meticulousness,
  4. Teamwork skills,
  5. Analytical skills,
  6. Proficiency in Android Studio,
  7. Attention to detail,
  8. Ability to solve problems.


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Employment of an Android developer

Hiring an appropriate developer who will be a specialist will help you create a top application. It is worth considering employing a programmer who will be ideally suited to the needs of the outsourcing company. You can learn more about outsourcing in our blog post. It is worth recalculating the budget and not choosing the cheapest option, because there may not be enough knowledge and experience behind it. When looking for an Android Developer, first of all, you need to take a look at his skills. If it has the ones mentioned in the text, it may be a good choice.