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It is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel. It is one of the most popular operating systems for cell phones, smartphones, or tablets. 

Android was initially developed by Android Inc., successively bought by Google, and then went under the wings of the Open Handset Alliance. Android, like iOS, has a massive community of developers writing mobile applications. In April 2013, Google Play had 850,000 apps available, while in February 2017, this number grew to 2,7000,000. This shows how the popularity of this system has been increasing over the years.

Android development

At the end of 2007, the Open Handset Alliance published the first version of the Android SDK. This Software Development Kit includes a programming tool, libraries, documentation, various tutorials for programmers, demo projects, and FAQ. Despite many reservations from programmers, the first Android applications started appearing less than seven days after the platform was published. The first publicly available application written in Android was the well-known Snake. A few months after the Android SDK publication, Google announced a competition for the most innovative applications created for Android, in which almost 2000 teams from around the world participated. Earlier, Google also presented the first three prototypes equipped with the Android system.

The first mobile device equipped with Android was HTC Dream, and now it is equipped with devices produced by the world’s largest manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, or LG.

Android devices

The vast majority of Android devices are touchscreen devices. These are mainly cell phones, but also tablets and popular book readers. The fact that the vast majority of devices available on the market is equipped with this operating system proves its popularity and the great trust users have.

Advantages of Android

It is an extremely intuitive system, which is used extremely efficiently. It is fully integrated with all Google services, so its users can easily integrate their mobile devices with Youtube, Gmail, or Google+ accounts. Apart from the ease of use and many devices available on the market, Android users have a rich store where most of the applications and games are compatible with the system. The Google Play store is equipped with both functional applications and popular games.

Android is an open system, which means that every user who uses it can change the software uploaded, overlay it, and adjust it to their requirements. It is an excellent system for people who appreciate a wide range of hardware choices, customization, and maximum personalization of software on mobile devices.

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