Looking for new career opportunities? Meet Janusz Hain, our Android Developer! He started working at our company almost 5 years ago. How it was changing and what is he doing now? All of the answers and more in the interview of My Applover Path!

How did you get a job at Applover?

I’ve been interested in Android programming for a long time but a few recruitments failed. My first job was an internship as a PHP programmer. At that time, after work, I was expanding my knowledge about Android. Then I found an advertisement on one of the Facebook groups.

There are a lot of choices, why did you choose Applover?

Applover wasn’t the only company I applied to. At that stage, I didn’t think about companies and what did they offer. Of course, some things appealed to me. I mean, young company, startup, and “dynamic team” – it turned out to be a hit 🙂

How did the recruitment process look like then?

As I mentioned before, I managed to find an ad on one of the Facebook groups. There were two stages, and the first almost eliminated me. I had an appointment at the company headquarters, which at that time was an apartment in a block of flats. The problem turned out to be getting inside. The entry phone didn’t work, no one answered my email or phone calls. I didn’t know whether to start throwing stones at the glass to get noticed or just give up. But a neighbor was just entering, and let me in. Ringing the doorbell had an effect 🙂 For me, this is one of the funnier things, because it reminds me how much the company has changed over the years.

The first stage, apart from the troubles of getting into the building, consisted of an intro conversation with people from the board. Some information about the company and me to see if we were on the same page. After this meeting, I was given a programming task to complete at home. After verifying the task, I got an invitation to the next stage.

At the second stage, I received information that there’s interest in cooperation. I received an offer, which I accepted.

How does your day-to-day work look like?

I am currently working on an outsourcing project. This affects the day-to-day routine at work. The first two hours I’m spending programming or testing the code, then there’s a break for meetings. We talk about what was done, discuss problems or plans for the next hours or working days. Further hours focus on programming and occasional calls.

What project was the most challenging here for you and why? 

The most challenging application for ordering lab tests and receiving results. We had previously worked on an MVP architecture, and I wanted to try an MVVM architecture. I got the green light so I could build the project completely from scratch, on my ideas. Some of the ideas were right, some were wrong and needed to be improved. The challenge was also the high pace of work but the application itself turned out to be successful.

And which project did you enjoy the most so far?

The most enjoyable project so far was the “UWr Jungle Book” – an application for the University of Wroclaw with information for Erasmus students. The application was simple in its concept and it was a perfect candidate for something I always wanted to try – creating an application in Flutter. Using this framework, I managed to build both an Android and iOS application simultaneously, although I was the only programmer on the team. Additionally, I did not know iOS. Developing code to generate articles was a rewarding challenge.

And once again, an application for ordering and receiving lab results that now lives its own life – building something from scratch brought me a lot of satisfaction.

What tools do you use in your projects? Do you have any that you prefer more?

The main tools I use at work are Android Studio for developing code, Slack for communicating with the team, Jira for managing my tasks, and Figma for viewing and downloading UI data. 

And what is best for you in the role of an Android Developer? 

The most important thing is to influence the final look or behavior of the product. I’m lucky to work on projects where my opinion is valued and suggestions are welcomed. I love working with people, not only programmers but also those responsible for the functionality or appearance of the applications.

Edu sessions, time for self-development – is it something you value or take advantage of at Applover?

I often take part in educational meetings. Mostly in the Android and Flutter teams, and sometimes also outside my area of expertise. For me, one of the most important things is sharing knowledge. You can be the best expert but without sharing your knowledge, your impact on the company’s development is limited. At Applover, we play as a team. 

You have been working in one company for almost 5 years. What, from your perspective, is the most important thing that you have managed to do professionally during this time?

It will be exactly 5 years since I worked at Applover in March. I see my development through time, which went hand in hand with the growth of the company. Looking back, I can see the number of challenges and changes that happened during that time. The most important thing for me was to learn that programming is not necessarily just “coding”. It’s also working with the client and other departments in the company. This was essential especially at the beginning of my work. It included small projects for customers that were often also startups. We were not only programmers but also had an impact on the final decisions related to the product. In larger teams, the influence is often smaller, and there are people delegated for this like Product Owners. Such work still requires great cooperation which I learned in smaller projects.

What, in your opinion, did change the most since you started working at Applover?

It’s difficult to pick just one thing. The company as a whole has gone through a huge change: recruiting to the company, internal processes, clients. The thing that is most noticeable to our clients is the change in the way we approach project management. The process from designing an application to handing it over is now planned in detail. It used to be like jumping into deep water. Now it’s like taking a steamboat out for a beautiful cruise.

What is the most important for you at work as a 100% remote employee?

The most important aspect is the possibility of cooperation with other people, despite not seeing each other in the office. Fortunately, it’s not a problem. I love working with both developers and people outside my team. Applover is made by people and even one suggestion, with the help of colleagues who have more knowledge and influence in the company, can turn into something significant.

What professional successes are you particularly proud of?

Once again, an application for ordering and receiving lab results that now lives its own life. It’s one of the projects that has been a real success. And the company’s interest in the possibilities offered by the Flutter technology, which has become an important element in ongoing projects. I haven’t done anything big in this area but the idea itself may turn into something new, as I mentioned in one of the questions before 🙂 

Any plans or challenges that you await in the nearest future?

I’ve become interested in two things that I’ll want to check out:

  • Kotlin Multiplatform allowing to develop code shared between Android and iOS,
  • Android Jetpack Compose allowing to build UIs similarly as you do in Flutter.

Do you have any advice for people who want to start their career as Android Developers or maybe for those who want to switch from Android to Flutter? Can you share your favorite knowledge sources?

Besides just knowing how to code, you should also know the libraries that companies use most often. My mistake was believing that the knowledge gained during my studies and internship is enough.

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Only learning with the most popular solutions, which were in most job advertisements for programmers with average experience, brought results. Sources are blogs, videos on YouTube, or courses such as on udemy.com. I prefer the last option.

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Janusz Hain

Android Developer

My favorite Flutter course was the “The Complete 2021 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart” (not sponsored!).

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