For the third time, we collaborated with GDG Wrocław to co-host the Flutter Wrocław Meetup, an event bringing together the Flutter community in Poland. We are honored that we can create a place to share technical knowledge about the most popular cross-platform framework nowadays. Four top Flutter developers talked about subjects like clean architecture, Rive animations, game development in Flutter, and functional programming. Among speakers there were: Tomasz Siudut, Michał Gauza, Daniel Konsewicz, and Paweł Zawiślak, which answered questions from the community!

What are the key takeaways here for you? The event recap is ahead of you!

Flutter event in Wrocław and online, once again!

It was yet another time when we could meet and talk about Flutter development. It’s not often that an event enjoys such popularity three times in a row! We hosted the last meetup in June 2022, when we met on the Oder River. But this time, we moved to the center of Wrocław, Concordia Design Hub in the heart of Słodowa Island. It’s a unique place on the city map where you can feel the creative vibration and where there is always space to exchange ideas and inspiration. And that’s what describes the Flutter Wrocław Meetup.

Flutter’s rise in popularity isn’t coincidental. This framework simplifies the process of resolving common problems that crop up when making mobile apps. Startups and mobile developers favor it because it allows for developing apps from one codebase that works on platforms like iOS and Android. That’s also why we recently published The Flutter Handbook to guide app creators in Flutter development.

Again, you could attend our Flutter Meetup in person or online, making this a hybrid event. It was exciting to have many visitors from previous events and curious first-timers. We started the meetup series this year, and seeing the event’s growing popularity, we are even more motivated to plan future editions!

Talks about Flutter technology by top developers

Our speakers at the Flutter Wrocław Meetup shared their insights and experiences, including topics on clean architecture, animations using Rive, how to create games in Flutter, and functional programming.

Clean architecture and its impact on Flutter developer work, performance, and application efficiency

Choosing a good architecture is one of the critical decisions when starting any large project. And selecting a clean architecture for a Flutter application brings many challenges. During the meetup, Tomasz Siudut from Applover answered these fundamental questions:

  • What Flutter packages should you use? 
  • What should the proper project structure look like? 
  • What to pay attention to when implementing a clean architecture based on the BLoC pattern? 
  • What can we replace stateful widgets with?

Animations in Flutter using Rive

What are the ways to make your app stand out from the crowd? No worries, Michał Gauza from Applover explained how Rive with Flutter works. You could learn how to create smooth and interactive animations in Flutter using this real-time interactive design and animation tool. 

How to create games in Flutter? Flame basics

Flame is an engine that uses all the advantages and possibilities provided to us by Flutter to create cross-platform games. Using this tool is simple and brings many benefits. Which ones? Daniel Konsewicz from Droids on Roids introduced all the basic functionality provided by Flame together so that, eventually, we can create our first simple game!

Functional programming in Dart – and who needs it?

In its nature, Dart is a strongly typed object-oriented language and has excellent developer experience, so no one needs to be convinced. However, we could learn these Flutter insights from Paweł Zawiślak from Onwelo during his talk:

  • How can we change anything to improve our work and our code?
  • How can solutions known from the functional world be practical to us?
  • And finally, what will you get out of it, and how will you use it?

Watch the Flutter Wrocław Meetup x Applover vol. 3

The Flutter developer community is full of hidden gems and amusing anecdotes. We appreciate the opportunity to participate and are grateful to all those who contributed to the event’s success. But don’t worry; you can catch up with the Flutter Wrocław Meetup in the video below! See you next year.