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Personal Development

Personal development is a change made possible by appropriate methods, tools, and information to improve specific areas of a person’s life (professional, social, hobby, or emotional). 


Competencies as the key to personal development at Applover

Competencies play a fundamental role in shaping people. Nowadays, they are indispensable for success both in personal and professional life. In particular, personal competencies are a crucial factor of self-actualization because if well developed, they deepen the desire for self-improvement and have an extremely positive impact on managing oneself. Besides, elements such as experience, attitudes, skills, character traits, and values determine a person to achieve his or her full potential. 


Personal development vs. professional development

Work psychology defines this process as a continuous change, considering such criteria as simplifying procedures, improving and accelerating complex states, expanding knowledge, and acquiring skills to perform tasks correctly. Professional development is a long-term process in which a person has to overcome from familiarization with economic and cultural activities through preparation for a given position, promotions, and achievements in professional work, until its completion. Professional development can be threefold:

  • As a goal in itself,
  • As a medium to a goal,
  • As an outcome of daily work practices.

Professional development is one of the components of human personality development. These processes of change are mutually penetrating and complementary. Non-professional elements of development enrich an employee’s competencies with new skills, knowledge, or experience that may prove helpful and motivate in future work.

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