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Flutter Development Company

Flutter is a framework introduced by Google in 2018, which allows mobile apps to be developed for Android and iOS devices using a single codebase instead of two separate ones. Created by Google, the Dart language allows code to be translated into native machine code for ARM and x86 architectures. In this way, it becomes a framework for an application that is adapted for Android and iOS, by implementing solutions from those systems. 

Why you should hire a Flutter development company?

  1. Working with a company using Flutter is a guarantee of the successful development of a product. The stability of the platform, as well as its performance, makes Flutter significantly minimize the risk for the business. If you need to develop an app for iOS, Android, and Web – using a Flutter development company will reduce your time and costs. It can shrink the code base by about 95%, plus it has many open-source libraries that further speed up product development.
  1. Flutter provides a smooth and highly responsive user interface, additionally reducing loading times. It allows you to create a high-quality (and also beautiful) product in a fast way. Thanks to its layered architecture, Flutter enables control of every pixel and builds a user experience similar to native applications. 
  1. Thanks to the hot-reload feature, there is no need for Flutter developers to reload the application when creating an application in Flutter, to see the changes in the code. Because of this, you can make changes quickly and preview them in real-time. 

There are many benefits to building your applications using Flutter. To learn more about this technology, read the articles where we share our experiences.

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