GDG Wrocław and Applover have teamed together again to host the second Flutter Wrocław Meetup! We were pleased to share our technical expertise in the most popular cross-platform framework in 2022. Four specialists discussed subjects such as focus management and keyboard shortcuts, internationalization, Mason – a tool for generating files from templates, plus playing video and audio in Flutter! Professional speakers like Dominik Roszkowski, Szymon Mazanik, and Michał Gauza were on hand to answer our questions!

Great opportunity for meeting live and exchanging knowledge

The first meetup took place in February 2022 in Applover’s office. This time we moved from our headquarters to a beautiful meeting place on the water – Odra Centrum. With the accompaniment of the natural river and water reservoir, we could meet and talk together with attendees as well as GDG over snacks (and not only ;)). Everyone, regardless of background or sector, was welcome.

Flutter technology is a framework that makes it simple to solve many of the difficulties that arise while creating mobile apps. It’s a popular choice for startups as well as mobile developers when it comes to developing cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android.

We were thrilled to see so many guests that came back again from the previous meetup as well as first-timers who expressed a want to see more! The event was once again hybrid and you could participate both in-person or remote.

Talks by Flutter community experts

During the meetup, our speakers presented their knowledge and shared their experiences in video and audio playbacks, internationalization, Mason (a tool for generating files from templates), and focus management

Video and audio playback in Flutter

The Flutter Wrocław Meetup started with a talk from Szymon Mazanik, Flutter Leader at Applover. Audio and video files are integral parts of the most popular applications on the market. We could see if Flutter, with the support of community-developed packages, could handle the challenge of multimedia.

Flutter in 78 ways

One of the often-overlooked aspects of developing a mobile app is customizing it for users who use a language other than the default one. Meanwhile, the most popular language, English, is used by only 26% of internet users, and 40% say they won’t buy products from sites written in a language other than their native one. Fortunately, Krzysztof Sroka from GDG described how to implement internationalization in Flutter. 

An open-source tool for code generation and templates

Mason, or as you may prefer automating the writing of repetitive code. How do you share code more easily and increase team efficiency? And how to write code faster and more consistently for the whole team? All of these questions were answered in the talk by Michał Gauza, Flutter Developer at Applover.

Flutter and keyboard – how to manage focus and keyboard shortcuts?

During this presentation by Dominik Roszkowski, we focused on managing “focus” in Flutter mobile applications. Some of the topics covered: what to do when focus does not work as it should? How to add support for keyboard shortcuts? And is it possible to operate the application using only the keyboard?

Don’t miss any of Flutter’s new insights!

You never know what you’ll find interesting or hilarious in Flutter’s developer community. We’re glad to be a part of that and we want to thank everyone who helped in organizing the event as well as those who participated. Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it! The video is available on our Facebook and GDG’s YouTube. As for the rest… we return in the fall!