The recruitment process, changing jobs, first days at the new place, and meeting new people often stresses most people. That is why it is good to prepare yourself as much as you can. We are doing a lot to make everything at Applover as smooth and stress-free as possible. We are perfectly aware of the fact that it can be challenging, as each of us has gone through the first days at Applover. It’s the reason behind the well-thought employee onboarding process our HR Team prepared. What will it look like and what can you expect from your first days at Applover? Find out below!

You are hired, what’s next?

After the successful recruitment process, you got a job offer from us and you now know that you’ll be soon joining the Applover team. Let’s look at the steps that we take in the onboarding program. 

What is the process of introducing a new team member to the company?

  1. You will get an email from us with the information such as login and password to your work email account, the schedule of your first day at Applover, invitations to our company’s Slack and Hubstaff, and other tools depending on the team you are joining. You will also have access to our Confluence, where you will find all the most important information, such as what taking a day off looks like, who handles what at Applover, or whom to contact in various situations. It’s our knowledge-sharing place available for you before you start working.
  2. Before the first day of work, a new person is assigned to you as a Buddy, i.e. a person who will help new team members in the adaptation process in the company. This is a kind of guide and someone to ask/advise about an Applover operation issue from the employee’s perspective. Sometimes the leader simultaneously cares for the new person as a Buddy – it always depends on the team and the time you join the Applover. But it is crucial for us that you as a new hire feel welcome and supported from the very beginning of your employee experience in our company; support is one of our values
  3. Your first day at work. You know your schedule, you know the tools you should log into. You will have an effective onboarding meeting with one person from our HR Team and you will meet with your leader. We will also introduce you on our Slack to everyone, so you can say officially “Hi” to everyone no matter if you work 100% remotely or you start your journey with us at the office.
  4. During the first week, you will have time to get to know our processes, have time to meet your team, read the project documentation and install all the necessary tools for your work. 
  5. After 2 weeks, you will meet with one person from the HR team for a coffee (or tea ;)). It’s a conversation about first impressions about the company, your needs regarding issues related to equipment, project, etc. done by a person from HR (probably the same who recruited you). It is time for you to ask questions and gather answers about everything you need to know or were not clear so far.
  6. After 1 month we conduct a short interview with you, to learn more about how are you feeling, what do you think about your onboarding experience and how do you assess your leader’s work regarding your onboarding process. 
  7. After 3 months (usually it’s a shorter period) of your trial, we meet to get and give you feedback about our cooperation.
  8. If both sides are satisfied we sign a regular contract (Employment contract/B2B, etc.).

Please keep in mind that your opinion is very important to us! So if you have a meeting after the trial period to summarize – also give us feedback on what it looks like on your side. We want to hear from you!

Your first day at Applover – schedule

As first impressions are important, the very first day in a new role is not only important but also stressful. We know it, so here you can look at the typical schedule of the very first day a new hire has at Applover.

  1. An onboarding meeting on the first day of work is conducted by the HR person who recruited you.
    1. Most often in the morning hours (9:00 am – 10:00 am). It takes about an hour
    2. During this meeting, we discuss issues related to benefits, documents to be filled in, Applover workflow, and tools we use (Slack, Hubstaff, etc.).
  2. Implementation meetings with:
    1. Project Manager of a project joined by a new hire.
    2. A department leader that’s joined by a new hire.
    3. A team to get to know each other and integrate.

Depending on the mode the new person will work in, meetings are held remotely via Google Hangouts or in our Wrocław HQ.

Then, besides the meeting itself, we invite you to a tour of our office and learn how to use the coffee machine (it’s important to know how not to flood it, you will learn why ;)).

The entire onboarding process is also in Jira and you can find it there when you get an email with the work email access. If you’re interested in what the process looks like from the perspective of the leaders, we invite you to look at the Trello. There you will see a written onboarding checklist that helps employee engagement and to introduce a new hire to the team.

What will you know after onboarding and implementation meetings, the new hire knows:

  • How the office works,
  • What benefits do we have and how they can be managed,
  • How to use Hubstaff,
  • What is the remote work policy in the company,
  • How to use company Slack,
  • Who you can turn to for possible help,
  • How to proceed when issuing invoices (in case of B2B contract).

Best employee onboarding process tips from our team

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There aren’t any silly questions, never. Ask about anything, so you can learn and truly understand everything. It’s the only way for an efficient onboarding process. And don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you don’t know yet, at Applover we are all humans, we are friendly and we will do everything to help you, especially at the beginning of your adventure with us.

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Agata Adamczyk

Front-end Developer

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If you want to get to know everyone quickly, set up our “about us” website as your start page. You can scroll it every day, get acquainted with our team, everyone’s photo, name, and position. It is a little trick to not mistake someone’s name and to know who you are meeting with at the office or remotely.

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Natalia Kamecka

Head of Marketing

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Not only is our HR Team helpful, but you can also ask your Buddy about everything, that is his or her role! So don’t be afraid to ask and “take advantage” of it, it’s only for your benefit. Use it wisely.

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Zuzia Kusznir

Back-end Developer

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Don’t be afraid to speak up - ask questions during daily and other meetings. Moreover, use Donut – it is our tool to help us integrate, especially while working remotely. Every 2 weeks it pairs with someone else, with whom you have interacted little on Slack. You can chat and get to know each other better. I highly encourage you to try it.

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Martyna Kazimierczak

IT Recruitment Specialist

Effective onboarding sets you up for a future success

The better you use the time during the onboarding process, the faster you will be acquainted with the company and integrated with the team. It’s the best way to efficient employee experience and to achieve better results. I believe you will feel good at Applover and your satisfaction will be high from working with us. See you onboard! And if you are not hired yet, don’t hesitate to apply to us, we have various open positions on our Careers page!