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IT Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is a means of identifying and recruiting new resources to fill a company’s empty roles. It provides candidates with the skills and attitude needed to achieve an organization’s goals. The recruitment process is a mechanism by which work openings are defined, job requirements evaluated, applications checked, screened, shortlisted, and the right applicant selected. 

Stages of IT recruitment process

It is recommended that an organization’s HR staff follow the 5 best practices to improve the efficacy of recruiting:

  • Recruitment planning
  • Strategy development
  • Searching
  • Screening
  • Evaluation.

These 5 strategies guarantee efficient recruiting without any disruptions. Besides, these procedures in the recruiting process also ensure continuity and compliance. 

How does the IT recruitment process look like at Applover?

The recruitment process at Applover depends mostly on the role. We often ask for a task, and sometimes we do programming sessions in pairs. We’re always checking what’s going to be best for the candidate and us. Nonetheless, the candidates will get all the relevant details about the recruitment process for the role they are applying for when the CV will be given. 

What does the interview look like for the recruitment process? 

During our recruiting process, there usually are 2 meetings. Our first meeting comprises two parts: a soft part with a person from our HR department and the second part with one of our developers, a technical part. The second interview is a Pair Programming session. They both take approximately 1 hour. After each stage, we provide feedback to all candidates involved in the process. 

Read more about the IT recruitment process below. 

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