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Personal Growth Framework

Personal Growth Framework is a tool that guides Applover’s employees through their professional development and lets them understand how to progress in work. It helps find appropriate ways at Applover so that everybody can grow both as a professional and a person. PGF is not a checklist – it is a guide in career development.

Apart from describing professional development paths, Personal Growth Framework emphasizes cherished values and is followed at Applover. The aim is to provide easy and constant access to these values for all the team members.

How does Personal Growth Framework work?

In Personal Growth Framework, you can find 9 paths of values that we embrace at Applover and possible courses in your career development. These values are:

  • Communication
  • Community
  • Delivery & Problem Solving 
  • Mentorship
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Organization Design
  • Tech leading
  • Teamwork.

Each path contains exemplary behaviors within each milestone for it. While most of these paths are prevalent and applicable to all Applover’s team members, few are optional to pursue (courses like Mentorship or Tech leading).

The milestone reflects a single purpose to be accomplished within a given period and shows how, along with the growth, exemplary behaviors/skills for a unique course of values/career advancement path shifts over time.

Applover aims to help both horizontal and vertical development with the Personal Growth Framework so that employees can either concentrate on being a pro in their domain or evolve into a T-shaped individual with various skills.

PGF is a living organism meaning it evolves continuously. If you want to know how Personal Growth Framework is used in practice at Applover, read related articles. 

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