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Remote Work

Nowadays, remote working is gaining in popularity at an alarming pace. More and more often, companies enable their employees to work from home while maintaining constant contact. All this is possible thanks to various mobile applications and tools that allow for extremely effective remote working.

Advantages of remote work

Remote working brings many advantages for both employees and employers. For this latter, the ability to work remotely means the possibility of employing excellent specialists from all over the world, without having to be limited only to candidates living in a given area. In the case of different time zones, it may be necessary to extend the working hours of a given company, which may prove extremely convenient for potential clients from different parts of the world. On the other hand, because the employees of a given company do not have to move to work every day, office spaces are not so heavily used, and the carbon footprint of a given company turns out to be much lower.

Employees, on the other hand, save money and time usually spent on commuting. Remote working translates into higher autonomy of employees and makes them much less distracted from their working environment, which they can freely adapt to their needs and preferences at home. Remote working is also an excellent solution for people with disabilities who would be disqualified from working life without the opportunity to work in their chosen environment.

Disadvantages of remote work

However, remote working is not always the best solution. It is much worse for employees who need special equipment to do their job. It’s also more challenging to create a special bonding between team members, who have much fewer opportunities to make direct contacts and establish personal ties in the case of remote work. This, in turn, may translate into lower productivity of some employees. Remote working, if you don’t implement established management tools and make sure you get everyone on the same page, can result in difficulties in setting appointments and managing projects. 

Remote work nowadays

Remote working is excellent when the specialists whose skills we need live in distant parts of the country or world. It is also a perfect solution when it is necessary to isolate employees in the case of a pandemic, 2020. With the right approach and set of tools you can make it work, to learn how – see the posts below.

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