For most people, the recruitment process is an unusual situation that generates stress. It is connected mainly with the feeling of uncertainty and fear. At Applover, we are perfectly aware of this fact as each of us has gone through such a process. That is why we care so much about designing the whole path and its stages so that they are as intuitive and friendly for both the candidate and us.

Recruitment’s tips and tricks

During my years as a recruiter, I’ve conducted many interviews, so I’m happy to share a few tips and tricks that are sure to help and maybe even reduce your stress level before a recruitment interview. 

Take a few minutes to research

Check information about the company, read the company blog, and review case studies. This will give you knowledge about what we do. It is possible that during the research, you will have questions that you will want to ask, make a note of them. During the interview, the recruiter will ask you if there are issues that interest you, then you will have the opportunity to get answers at the source. Remember that the interview is not only for the employer but also for you, so make fair use of it!  Additionally, any recruiter will significantly appreciate that someone has taken the time to check out the company in question and become familiar with its operations and activities. 

Arrange a mock interview

Are you stressed about the interview? Ask someone close to you for help! You can practice a sample recruitment interview with each other. During the meeting with employers, you may be asked about your experience in previous jobs or projects. Try to think of answers to these questions in your head and then present them as if you were doing it in a formal meeting. You can also do a kind of role-play. Sounds strange? Maybe a little. But it makes sense! These types of techniques help to reduce stress by familiarizing yourself with the new situation. Additionally, it will help you organize your thoughts, and your speech will be more coherent.

Remember about self-presentation

Companies have very different approaches to this issue. How does this issue look like at Applover? Everyone here dresses as they want. We focus on individuality and freedom. Adjust your outfit to the situation and be comfortable. After all, this is the last thing that should add to your stress. And what about in the case of a remote interview? We usually only see part of the posture then, but also the surroundings. It’s worth mentioning that most video chat tools also allow you to blur the background or set your image. This can give a sense of greater privacy. So it’s a good idea to try out all the available options for a given program before your job interview. 

Think of the interview as training 

What if I don’t get hired? Well, what then? Nothing. Think of the interview as training. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and try to manage stress. You’ll find that after a few interviews, your approach will be a little different. The interview is just another challenge that can teach you something. By changing your thinking from “This is my one chance, I have to succeed now. If not now, then never again!” to “Okay, I’ll try. What’s the harm? I’ll learn something, by the way. I’ll get new skills. And if I don’t get the job? That’s fine. Maybe I’ll do better next time with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained?”. Changing your mindset reduces stress because you’re preparing for multiple scenarios rather than locking yourself into a single solution for a given situation. By participating in one interview, you will also know what the next interview might look like, and this always has a better impact on how you perceive the situation.

Steps in the Applover recruitment process

At Applover, we have developed a recruitment process, which you can learn more about in our Recruitment FAQ. Although the stages differ depending on what position we are currently recruiting for, we have standardized the process. However, we keep in touch during each step and keep you updated!

Resume Analysis

The first stage of the hiring process is an in-depth review of every resume we receive. We often like to look at a candidate’s LinkedIn as well. Why? Because this is where you can find information not included in the CV, but equally important. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a link to your LinkedIn profile in your resume. Sometimes it also happens that despite the initial verification of the CV, we are missing some information, then we arrange the call with the candidate. A telephone conversation is often the first stage of recruitment, during which we verify the level of English or other technical aspects. We want to obtain all possible information before deciding the next step. We are always guided by full transparency, so we return with feedback after each stage.

Recruitment task 

Technical skills cannot be verified through a phone interview. This is why we send candidates a recruitment task. The assignment you submit relates to the competencies we are looking for in the position. This stage applies to technical (developer, QA Specialist) and non-technical positions (Sales, HR, etc.). After we analyze the task filled in by you, you can expect feedback regardless of the next stage’s decision. We try to make the feedback we give you as reliable as possible and to help you improve your skills. 

Recruitment interview

The recruitment interview at Applover is divided into 2 parts. The first one – is conducted by a person from the HR department. The recruiter tries to get to know the candidate’s soft skills, such as communication or teamwork. We also try to get to know the person and verify whether they will find themselves in our organization and in the team in which they would work. The second part is a technical interview conducted by a department representative to which we are looking for a new candidate to adjust the person to the given role fully. After the consultation, we decide on the further recruitment process. Regardless of the outcome, the recruited person always receives feedback.

Pair Programming Session 

The Pair Programming session is about recruiting for technical positions. This part lasts about an hour and is conducted by one of our developers. During such a session, we can see how a candidate for a developer position writes code and deals with the typical tasks. Additionally, pair programming session is an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience of both parties involved. After the session, as before, feedback is provided and the decision regarding the next stage of the recruitment process. 


Do you want to find out more about our work and recruitment process?

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Recruitment decision

Your commitment and time spent on our recruitment process are very valuable to us. Therefore, we will let you know the recruitment process’s outcome as soon as we have made a decision. Additionally, after the whole process is over, we will get back to you with feedback and what is very important for us – we will also ask you for your feedback. We want to know your opinion, and for this purpose, we have created a short questionnaire which evaluates the recruitment process. This is precious knowledge for us and it enables us to improve our recruitment process. 

Welcome on board!

A transparent recruitment process is something we are continually working on and trying to develop. Now that you know a bit more about preparing for a recruitment interview and what stages it consists of, we invite you to follow open positions at Applover.