The guest on the fifth episode of our podcast is not from the health tech industry, but he’s convinced that analytics gives more answers than we can ask questions. His work transforms the sports careers of millions of people around the world. Find out how this maxim ‘changing one’s beliefs is harder than changing one’s behavior’ influenced his whole life and the technology solutions he created. 

What else do we talk about in this episode?

  • What do you need to remember when managing web application development projects, apart from coding and guiding people in the right direction?
  • What is most important to effectively define, design, and deliver comprehensive web solutions from the database layer to the user interface?
  • What should be the primary criteria for prioritizing work in product management? 
  • How to balance the value a feature provides with the number of users it may benefit?
  • What strategies to employ to identify and understand customer problems? 

Meet Gear Fisher, Co-founder of Training Peaks (endurance training software platform) and OnForm (not a healthcare technology, but a video analysis and coaching platform), and learn about his methods of managing a technology company in episode 5 of the podcast by Applover.

What is the dream of success of many founders of startups and tech companies?

According to many founders of startups and tech companies, he fulfilled the dream of success. Firstly created a pioneering solution, still used by millions of athletes today, and then settled on a farm in a beautiful location. That doesn’t mean you haven’t heard of him yet in 2023. 

TrainingPeaks – the endurance training software platform that changed the rules of the game

Gear, a Co-Founder of TrainingPeaks, which hit the headlines of tech news, has been deeply involved with the renowned endurance training software platform for over 15 years. He started as the CTO and Co-Founder before eventually assuming the role of CEO. Being the original software developer, his role extended from managing infrastructure and database architecture to designing user interfaces and leading development teams. His valuable insights and effective leadership played a significant role in the success of the platform.

OnForm – video leading-edge technology in sports training

In recent years, the use of video leading-edge technology in sports training has become increasingly popular among athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts. One particular platform that has gained significant traction is OnForm. Despite the initial challenges associated with incorporating video into training routines, OnForm has managed to overcome these hurdles and is now widely embraced by golfers, weightlifters, and baseball coaches. Through its innovative features and user-friendly interface, OnForm offers a range of benefits that have revolutionized the way athletes approach their training regimens. 

Fisher, one of the co-founders, started OnForm in February 2020. OnForm is an industry-leading video analysis and coaching platform designed for any sport. With its headquarters located in the Greater Boston Area, OnForm has been operating successfully for over three years. Fisher’s determination and dedication to making OnForm a success are evident, despite the inherent challenges of starting a new business. In episode 5 of the Keep IT Healthy podcast, Gear shares his account of the difficulties faced in shifting beliefs, specifically focusing on his experience with introducing a video analysis tool in… the horse training industry. He emphasizes the resistance of trainers toward embracing this change. Despite this hurdle, OnForm is gaining traction among golfers, weightlifters, and baseball coaches who have embraced the benefits of using video for their training.

Minimum Delightful Product vs Minimum Viable Product, and what has farming to do with it?

It’s worth mentioning that Fisher believes in prioritizing feature development that genuinely benefits users, rather than solely focusing on the popularity of a feature. By following this approach, you can guarantee the development of valuable and meaningful features that will resonate with your target audience. According to his argument, users are most engaged and products gain traction when they have features that effectively solve specific problems or greatly simplify certain tasks.

Gear Fisher is a strategic leader who values practicality and creativity. He is known for his problem-solving approach and a solid commitment to teamwork, recognizing the importance of both in achieving customer satisfaction. He understands the significance of embracing change, including adopting new beliefs and adjusting behavior. He acknowledges the difficulties that come with launching and expanding a startup. His thoughts on the challenges faced in startup life emphasize the importance of being resilient and adaptable, which are crucial qualities for effective leadership.

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