Outsourcing IT services is still a very strongly developing industry, especially in Poland. This is mainly to the fact that Poland offers opportunities for global companies to optimize costs while maintaining a high quality of provided services. Everything indicates that the demand for qualified engineers won’t slow down in 2022. By analyzing the demand of recruiters and job offers, it’s easy to notice that backend developers are in high demand. In this article, we will bring you closer to what you should pay attention to when deciding on backend development outsourcing in 2022.

What is back-end development?

The back-end is responsible for the logical part of an application or web development. Software engineers in this position are responsible for creating components and functions which are not seen at first glance by the user of the website or web application but thanks to them the system works properly. Backend developers take care not only of the server-side backend of the app but also of its software development and security.

What to look at when choosing backend development services?

  • An experienced software development team is one of the key features we need to pay attention to. It will take care of your product so that it works smoothly and safely. The code written by programmers must give the possibility of further development of the product. Don’t forget to create an accurate description of requirements and project documentation, which are necessary to transfer the backend to the team. The more accurately you describe the requirements and assumptions, the easier it will be to choose the right development team that will smoothly help you through the entire development process.
  • Use of the right backend tech stack. Outsourcing companies should be willing to adopt technology solutions as best as possible for a digital product. It’s worth noting what technologies were used in your contractor’s previous projects. Currently, the most commonly used programming languages are Java, PHP, and Python, but many more other languages are being used i.e. Ruby, Go, etc.
  • Frameworks are used to connect the server-side logic with the database by wireframes and templates. By far the most commonly used frameworks are Hibernate, Spring (mainly in Java), but also Django, Spark, Laravel, or Ruby on Rails. Choose a team that knows exactly the framework used in your product. If you don’t take care of it, the project will take much longer.
  • Nowadays, most back-end systems are deployed in the cloud. Find out if the development team is open to working with a cloud provider before you start working on the project.
  • Gather requirements to build and support API. API can be used both by mobile clients, but also other systems for integration. Currently, for the operation of the IT system, modern back-end systems support API right away.
  • Pay attention to the database, especially its future growth. Learn how it will be built and how it will scale as data volume increases.
  • When it comes to backend development, it’s necessary to take care of data security, so just before you start the work, take care to determine the information protection class.
  • Verification and testing of backend. Every product needs to be tested before it’s released. Make sure that the quality assurance has their specified time.

Trends in software development outsourcing for 2022

  1. Many outsourcing companies are seeing the benefits of cloud-based services, hence the increase in demand for such services. This is due to the reduction in costs that comes from not having traditional local hardware requiring maintenance. Using the cloud gives a greater possibility of tools for native software development. Additionally, cloud-based services increase the security, scalability, and speed of the entire outsourcing process. 
  2. Demand is increasing for partners with a wide range of expertise in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Not all companies have the experts in-house to develop AI-based software on their own, so more and more of them will choose to look for a qualified outsourcing partner.
  3. Focus on partner technology diversity. Outsourcing companies will look for contractors with an extensive technology stack, those who can provide not only software design and development, but also consulting, testing, and implementation support.
  4. The DevOps methodology, which emphasizes close cooperation between IT maintenance experts and software developers, is increasingly being implemented. This reduces the time to implement functions, increases the clarity of tasks, and speeds up project delivery times.
  5. The most noticeable change is the opening of companies that have never used IT outsourcing to such services. COVID-19 has contributed to this very strongly. Many companies by reducing staff in their units were no longer able to handle all their projects. Pandemic showed that project management and implementation are possible completely remotely.

Compatibility of an outsourcing development team

When developing a digital product, it’s worth taking care of a properly selected development team and an efficient flow for communication. Even the best backend of the website won’t work without the data provided by the user – the frontend side. Therefore, if you need to create a website, mobile, or web application, you want it done on time and using the highest quality technology. You need to cooperate with real top tech experts.

If the work between these departments is properly set up and properly managed, everything should work smoothly. The flow of information and proper communication in the development team is influenced by the support and supervision of project managers and sometimes even the CTO itself. Thanks to this, contact between the client, and the IT partner, is smooth and clear. The work will be within the specified time frame. 

Why should you choose an outsourcing company from Poland?

Poland is one of the most attractive IT outsourcing destinations. It consists of many factors. One of the most noticeable is the operating cost, which is much more efficient. Geographical proximity to the western part of Europe facilitates communication due to similar time zones. Additionally, Polish programmers are considered to be among the best in the world, and communication in English isn’t a problem for them.

Finding the right backend development partner is challenging, but with them, we can:

  1. Obtain the highest quality of the product – an external company offers services of the highest specialists with many years of experience.
  2. Streamline product development process – full care by project managers about the process.
  3. Control the time and budget – just before the start of the work, a specific deadline is set for the project.


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Everything you need to know about the outsourcing process

IT outsourcing continues to grow, and in 2022 that won’t change (even despite the pandemic that continues). Choosing a backend developer partner is difficult, but incredibly important. According to recruiters, they are the most desired professionals. After all, they are responsible for the server logic of the web application. It all depends on backend developers – the quality of the code, its security, and server reliability. That’s why choosing the best IT Outsourcing Company is so important to successful digital product development.